It’s Time to Look Like the Success You Are!

Ok, let’s get real. You’re here because: 

                • you have a closet full of clothes you’d like to toss,
                • you hate shopping because it’s an exercise in frustration and trickery,
                • you want to look better because you know it will make you feel better,
                • you’re confused, overwhelmed, and frankly sick of the 50 million fashion tips you’ve digested over the years,
                • you want to look like a successful business woman and not have to explain that you really are one, and
                • you have NO idea where to start (and a little embarrassed that you have to ask)!

Sound about right? Well, girlfriend, you have a come to the right place!

I’m a wardrobe strategist (yep I said strategist) who will help you strut your stuff, turn heads, up your business game, and make your fellow fashionistas (kelly) green with envy. After all, isn’t that what you want from your wardrobe?

Everyone can look great. Everyone can find their own authentic style. All it takes is my five (5) step formula.

I’m an award-winning, certified and licensed image consultant who can alleviate your fear of shopping and assist you in developing a confident-building wardrobe so you can attain better results in your business, achieve goals, and transform your life.

After wearing the same outfit (or a variation of it) for the last three days, don’t you think you should give me a call? And don’t be selfish. Share this page with those five (5) people that popped in your mind while you were reading this. You know they need this too!

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“Professional and stylish all at the same time, that’s Carol.” ~L.S

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Leslie S.

I had an absolute BLAST shopping with Carol or should I say, being pampered by Carol! She took away the stress, time and effort away from the dreaded “trip to the mall”. Carol pre-shopped for me based on some inspiration pictures I sent her along with a general look and feel I envisioned for my photo shoot. I’ve always thought of myself as fashion forward and have a love for all things feminine, including clothes. Carol was the perfect partner in crime to bounce ideas off of and give professional feedback for size, shape, structure and general appeal of outfits. I left the mall feeling more than ready for my shoot and feeling amazing in my clothes! Hands down, I would recommend Carol to my best friend, neighbors and professional network. Every women deserves to feel beautiful, cared for and fierce. Carol embodies all of those traits.

Leslie S.Director of Development & Events, Pink Lemonade Project
Nicole W.

I attended one of Carol’s Evolve Your Image workshops at a Lane Bryant Boutique. I’m so glad I took the time to go to this! I have been struggling with finding a great fitting jean and some resort wear for an upcoming trip and my “curvelicious” petite figure creates a lot of challenges for me. Using Carol’s expertise she quickly had me in some jeans, dresses, and tops I would’ve never thought to choose but looked fab on. I really liked how Carol focused on me, listened to me and gave HONEST feedback. And she was genuinely excited for me when we found those perfect pieces. As a petite plus size, mature aged woman it can be difficult to feel really positive and confident in my body shape. I can see how working with Carol would help me break through that barrier and embrace my body type, whatever it may be, with confidence and appreciation. That’s the beauty of using a professional stylist and I am thrilled about the items I walked out there with. I would recommend Carol to anyone looking to dress more intentionally and authentically. You would not be disappointed.

Nicole W.CFO, Commercial Properties
Rebecca H.

I loved working with Carol!! She worked with me to learn what look I was going for through in depth questions, a survey about myself. Carol knows her designers and found clothes that fit by body shape and style. I feel more confident about my wardrobe and it didn’t break the bank to do it! I highly recommend Carol and in fact I did! She helped my 22 year old niece find her look and style all while being comfortable and confident. I look forward to working with Carol again!

Rebecca H.Vice President, George Fox University
Cindy B.

Carol is the best! She knows how to make people feel good … not only in everyday life, but now with her image business!! She took the time to go over with me my body type, face shape and color scheme. I never really put any thought into what colors brought out the best in me or the style of clothes. I just picked things I liked. Carol showed me the way to make smarter decisions on what to choose to wear. First impressions are so important especially in business. You WANT to be noticed so wearing the right colors that make you stand out is the easiest thing to do … the rest is up to you!! When you look and feel wonderful, you’ll portray that to everyone around you! Let Carol help you become more stylish … in business and everyday life!! She has definitely helped me.

Cindy B.Owner, Cooking with Cindy
Gerri C.

I worked with Carol as my virtual stylist. She is one of the warmest, kindest and articulate women I’ve worked with over the phone. Right away during our consult, she created a comfortable platform so I could be honest and speak freely with her about me. She gets right to the point, read me accurately and is a great listener. She has created several looks for me that make me feel confident and ones I would not have chosen myself if I hadn’t have done business with Carol. She could see in me what I couldn’t nor would I know how to. I have recommended her already to my team and will have her on our preferred vendor list. For the next phase in my business, I will call Carol up and ask her to work with me again and see this as not just a one-time project, but a long-term relationship.

Gerri C.CEO, Team Bossy Gals
Meghan H.

I had such a phenomenal experience with Carol at Evolve Image, LLC!!! I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I needed to look professional, authoritative, fun and GORGOUS for my website & the launch of my expanding company. I was feeling really unclear about how I could portray my vision through my clothing. Thank goodness for Carol- she pulled a room full of beautiful clothing for me that was ready upon my arrival- we adapted looks and thoughts along the way and I chose things that I never would have imagined for myself. I looked better in my pictures than in my wildest imagination, and whenever I put on the clothes from that shoot now, I instantly feel like the best version of myself. I cannot stress enough how worthwhile, fun and important my experience was with Evolve. You won’t be disappointed!!!

Meghan H.Owner and Founder, Beauty by Meghan LLC & GLAMbeauty Bar
Dell L.

“Embrace your style and significance”
What I asked of Carol was no easy task. “Can you come train my students on Professionalism? Both men and women? For people who live in poverty? At a reduced rate? Twice?” She didn’t even hesitate to say yes. Immediately we started planning, brainstorming, and as she asked all the right questions needed to make her presentation valuable, I knew I had found the right person! Her presentation was Professional and (so importantly) relevant to our group. She brought a sense of style through her presence and gave significance to the students with her words. Thank you Carol, you made a difference today!

Dell L.Instructor-Community Solutions, Department of Human Services
Connie A.

Thank you for helping me find my “mojo”. After losing 60 lbs and realizing I am now a senior citizen, I had no idea how to dress, or what style or colors to choose to improve my appearance. I knew I needed help! I liked you the minute I met you, because of your sunny nature and upbeat energy. I appreciated your knowledge, skills and ability to personalize colors and styles that enhanced not only my appearance but also my confidence. You were encouraging, motivating, and enthusiastic and made the process of buying appropriate clothing lots of fun. I had a great time when we went shopping for clothes, because you had fitting rooms set up in advance, with clothes to try on, at the various clothing stores that carried styles and colors I could wear. I plan to recommend you to my weight loss group and friends! And I won’t hesitate to choose your help again if I have more questions or need more help.

Connie A.Retired
Thomas W.

I hired Carol for a Fashion Feng Shui Assessment. I didn’t really know what my style was at the beginning but through this process Carol helped me to find a look that really captured who I am and want to be. I was a bit skeptical at first, but she was able, through this process, to cultivate an image for me and to help me to realize how I want to look and feel. I would not have expected these results. Carol helped me immensely! Surprisingly, the materials opened my eyes to how so many things in my life can be traced back to how I look and feel about myself. It made me realize everything is connected. Overall going through this process has really motivated me to be myself and pursue who I want to be. Through Carol’s excellent consult, I now have a vision and exact idea of what I could not articulate beforehand of how I want to look and present myself. I never knew how powerful wearing the right clothes could be.

Thomas W.Account Executive
Corina M.

Carol is truly amazing. I stared working with her last year as she launched Evolve and I could not be happier.
She has helped me “Be Corina” by helping me recognize aspects of my nature. Carol really gets me. We did a day of shopping and created a capsule wardrobe that tied me over for months. It was so satisfying to open my closet and feel like I actually had something to wear for any occasion and this with 10 pieces. Recently, Carol came over to look at my closet and like a “fairy godmother” put together multiple outfits with clothes that I already had. Working with Carol has helped me fulfill my essence, fortify my intention and flatter my appearance. Thank you Carol!

Corina M.CEO, Corina M. Engineering, Inc.
Nina R.

Carol, I love your blog! it is awesome to read and look at. You do a great job! I have been inspired to dress even more fashionable since I found you. You radiate beauty and confidence and anyone would be crazy not to want to work with you.

Nina R.Lifestyle Success Coach
Dr. Charlotte B.

I hired Dr. Carol Parker Walsh to be the keynote speaker for my Executive Women’s Event in New Jersey and she was phenomenal. Her presentation on “Dressing With Intention” was insightful and thought provoking and really helped me to think differently about my professional dress. Carol also served as my personal shopper and helped to select the professional pieces that complimented my body shape, personal style, and professional goals.  Working with Carol this past weekend has not only changed my wardrobe, but changed my life. I am proud to support Evolve Image Consulting! Thanks for making my image a priority!

Dr. Charlotte B.Executive Director, Bristol-Meyers Squib

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