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Your Clothes Speak

By Carol

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What Are Your Clothes Saying?

If you’re a follower of my blog by now you realize that what you wear speaks volumes to both yourself and others. It happens instantly and communicates quite effectively. In my Amazon best selling book by the same title I talk about this topic in depth.


Our appearance, body-language, and even our posture silently communicates our feelings of power or insecurities. Yes, the colors we choose, the fit of the garment, the pattern, and overall attention to details matter. This is the bases of the psychological theory of enclothed cognition. I remember going into one of my client’s closet and asked her why she was hiding. My comment stunned her and she began to cry. From there we began our work to rebuild her confidence and developed a wardrobe to match.


You see when you dress in a way that shows you’re filled with self-doubt, fear, and overwhelm you’re telling your colleagues and potential clients that you don’t believe in yourself.  Moreover, you’re telling them they shouldn’t believe in you either. The longer you lack direction, intention, focus, and most importantly confidence in how you dress, the longer you’re jeopardizing your ability to achieve your goals and dreams. After all, how can you possibly feel motivated or inspired to go after your dreams when you lack the motivation or inspiration to care about how you dress.


It’s time to use psychological research in your favor. Let’s create an image and visual brand that supports your goals and intentions instead of pushing them away.


Using Fashion Feng Shui to Create a Confident Visual Brand


Fashion Feng Shui is an incredible tool to help you communicate who you are and what you want in the world. You can use this methodology to dress with intention and attract the things you want in your life. I use this methodology in my practice helping my clients communicate their branded method visually. However, it’s application can permeate every area of life. Here’s a few examples of how simple clothing combinations can change not only how you look but how you feel about yourself.


Earth & Fire Energy
 Fashion Feng Shui is about utilizing your wardrobe to communicate who you are and your desired intentions. Earth energy is a grounding energy and respects tradition and the status quo. To enliven this energy at bursts of fire energy. This creates not only an approachable brand but one that’s authentic, trustworthy, hardworking and dependable.
Earth/Fire Fall Season




Water & Metal Energy
 Fashion Feng Shui is not just about your appearance, it’s truly a marketing strategy that can serve to advance or hinder your personal brand. Metal energy communicates an elevated brand one of refinement, excellence, and discipline. Paired with the creativity of water energy you’ll communicate an original, prestigious avant-garde brand.
Metal/Water - Fall Season




Fire & Wood Energy
In Fashion Feng Shui there are colors associated with each elemental energy. Color is a bold communicator but happens unconsciously. The colors that contain fire energy illicit a passionate response. Combined with the never ending activity of wood energy you have a dynamic, dramatic, energetic and engaging personal brand.
Fire/Wood - Fall Season





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Live, laugh, and confidently shine!
Carol 😉

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