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Work Wear: Maxi Dress

By Carol

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I’m often asked to come into organizations to do so some training and coaching around workplace etiquette. This can range from personal branding, to professional attire, to international dining etiquette. However, by far the post popular topic centers around what’s appropriate to wear to work.

Instead of trying to cover everything in one post, I thought I’d break it down into particular style types. Today, we’re taking the maxi dress.

Maxi dresses are one of my favorite style silhouettes to wear. When most people think of maxi dresses they think lazy days of summer at the farmers market, beach, or favorite winery. In general, when it comes to work attire my initial thought is leave the maxi at home. However, this feminine style can definitely find it’s way into the office if worn correctly.

You have to first consider the office environment. Are you in a space that allows for a bit of freedom and creativity in your dress? If so, a maxi dress could work if done professionally. The key is simplicity. Think monochromatic, little to no embellishments, and sleek modern styling for the office.

When it comes to maxi dresses there are definitely a few don’ts. Save your strapless, ruffle, boho, layers of chiffon, overly patterned, floor length (no more than ankle length) maxi dresses for your every day summer wear. These things just don’t say professional.

Confused? No worries, here’s a few tips and style inspiration on up leveling your maxi dress for the office.

carol parker walsh career attire

Photo Credit: Memorandum

While this has a bit more embellishment then I like it blends in beautifully with the dress. The addition of the shirt underneath adds sophistication. Pairing the dress with black accessories brings professionalism to this ensemble. Also consider her hairstyle. An upsweep or pulled back bun (not a messy bun) always elevates a look.

carol parker walsh career attire

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

The maxi skirt is another option that you can wear to work. Dark colors and structured fabrics raises the bar on professionalism. Try to avoid high splits in the skirt so nothing shows when you sit down. Also a great white blouse and elevated accessories makes this look a winner.

carol parker walsh work attire

Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you have a dress that has a pattern be sure the pattern is not over powering or loud. I love the colors in this dress and by throwing on a black leather jacket or even a blazer you an change the look. Pair it with an oversized bag and black sandals and this is the perfect look for casual Friday at the office.

carol parker walsh work attire

Photo Credit: Pinterest

For those who don’t work in traditional corporate spaces, this ensemble would work. Think teachers, retail, inside sales positions and realtors for example.

Hopefully this provides you some ideas on how you can style your maxi for the office this summer.

Also, here’s another great list of things you should never wear to work.

Do you or your organization need help in the area? Schedule a call with me today!

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