Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Dr. Carol Parker Walsh as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

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Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, Owner/Founder of Evolve Image Consulting, LLC, has been recognized as a Distinguished Professional in her field through Women of Distinction Magazine. Carol Parker Walsh will be featured in an upcoming edition of the Women of Distinction Magazine in 2016/2017.

Owner and Founder of Evolve Image Consulting, LLC, Dr. Carol Parker Walsh chose the name for her business because, she said, “each of us are on an evolutionary journey, and with each passing year and decade we grow and evolve”. Parker Walsh’s role is to meet each client along that journey while adding something valuable and impactful to their lives.

Evolve Image Consulting, LLC, which was established in November 2014, offers clients, after just 5-7 sessions, the ability to make a visual impact in the lives and businesses in an authentic and meaningful way. Through her empowering and educational process, her clients learn how to create an efficient and effective wardrobe. In addition, her clients can learn how to create wardrobe capsules, travel wardrobes, dress for professional photo shoots, business conferences, and presentations, and enhance their presentation skills, communication skills, executive presence, and leadership and team building skills.

“We were all put on this earth for a purpose and mine is to inspire, empower, motivate, and positively influence the lives and businesses of women of all ages,” Parker Walsh said. “This belief fuels me to do what I do, which is make a positive impact on the world.”

As Owner, Parker Walsh not only works to market her vision and mission, but works directly with each of her clients on a daily basis to accomplish their goals. Her experience as an organizational consultant, lawyer, executive, professor, trainer, and messenger of self-worth and body positivity, who is also a Certified Image Consultant, are all key components to her company’s success.

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