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Using Your Story to Define Your Future

By Carol

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I had the distinct pleasure of participating in a powerful business summit called Write Your True Story. It was a special online series that taught how to share your true story authentically to transform lives and grow your business. During the interview, which I provided for you below, I shared  my own story and how I use it to help my clients find their true north in their career, business, personal brand and in life.

Building your business is challenging and it can be challenging to attract a consistent stream of clients and maintain a steady flow of income. Moreover, how do you differentiate yourself and what you’re doing and rise above the noise of your many competitors. You may have tried multiple things and have been marketing like crazy or asking your clients to refer their friends to you or even posting your services online. Yet you’re still not earning what you want nor are you as visible as you’d like to be. So what do you do?

Using Your Story

We all have a story. There are moments in our life that have served as defining moments that have shaped who we are and sometimes what we do. You may have tried to forget some of the more challenging and dark aspects of your story; but is in those times that you were on the “potter’s wheel” being shaped and molded. I believe that the most difficult times of your life occurred so that you can help another who’s similarly situated. It never seems like it at the time, but as usual, at the end of a storm there’s always a rainbow. 

One of the fastest ways to connect and grow your tribe is to write and share your true story. Today’s successful entrepreneurs, executives, speakers and writers know the power of storytelling. What makes a story compellingly is transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability. So instead of shying away from the lessons learned in your life, embrace and leverage them to your advantage in your future. 

My Story

In this series my friend and colleague, Dawn Montefusco, Life Coach for Writers and Creatives, asked me how I’ve grown my business by authentically sharing my story and how I’ve transformed in the process. I shared how:

  • My story has shaped me and my business;
  • I’ve reached the people I’m meant to reach;
  • I use storytelling in my marketing to connect and change people’s lives.
  • And of course, there’s more!

This was a wonderful opportunity and I’m happy to share it with you now! Click HERE or on the Image below to watch the interview!

carol parker walsh authentic story


Are you struggling to find your true north? Build a career, business or life that you no longer recognize or even want to be in anymore? I help successful professional women discover their passion and purpose and confidently go after their dream life and career. If that’s you, then let’ schedule a time to connect.

Live, laugh, and confidently shine!

Carol 😉

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