Understanding Fashion Feng Shui as a Dressing Technique

By Carol

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As an image consultant, I do a lot of work with clients around their appearance. This is often based on their body shape and finding the right silhouette to wear for their frame. However, what I enjoy most is helping my clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves and developing an authentic style that reflects both their essence and intentions.

Fashion Feng Shui incorporates the traditional elements of Feng Shui and teaches how to use clothes as a tool for transformation. What you choose to wear can make you feel innovated, activated, stimulated, motivated, joyful, or elegant; therefore, it’s important to dress in a manner that’s reflective of who you truly are and what you hope to achieve.

 Using the individual characteristics of the elemental energies of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal, I can evaluate essence, analyze physical appearance, and ensure a wardrobe that honors goals and lifestyle. Synchronizing these elements with mind-body, and spirit and transplanting them into clothing.

 Here’s a brief explanation of each:


Water (The Philosopher)



Like water itself, a person with this archetype is deep, reflective, and creative. The Philosopher loves dark colors like black and navy, flowy fabrics, unique designs and deeply values their freedom. Water archetypes are non-conformist and like to be the authors and creators of their lives and destiny. This is represented in the unique cut of the dress and asymmetrical hemline as well as the asymmetrical line in the shoes. The waterfall chandelier earrings and clutch are reflective of the rolling waves of the water.


Wood (The Pioneer)



The wood archetype is reflective through growth and movement. Always on the go and active, the Pioneer likes all things to be easy, natural and comfortable. Blues and greens in natural fibers suit this archetype. The Pioneer has a competitive spirit, are great motivators, believes in justice, and must be actively engaged in something at all times. Stripes that mimic the blades of grass and tall trees, as well as the flowers found in fields are patterns of the Pioneer. The cotton shirt, cork heel shoes, and natural gems in the earrings all reflect the earth energy.


Fire (The Pleasure Seeker)



Fire archetypes are usually at the center of attention and quite comfortable in the spotlight. They are passionate, impulsive, and love life. This is reflected in their selection of patterns and fabrics as they tend to gravitate toward red, purple, animal print, leather, and fur. The charismatic Pleasure Seeker is always fun to be around. Attention-getting is the word of the day with the Pleasure seeker. Angular shapes, bold striking colors, and prints, as represented in this outfit are right up the Pleasure Seeker’s alley.


Earth (The Peacemaker)



This archetype can also be called the Nurturer. Those with an Earth essence love traditional patterns, textured fabrics, and chunky sweaters in browns, mustard, and cream. The Peacemaker often puts others needs above their own and thrives in the familiar. Stable, loyal, dependable, practical, and routine would proudly characterize an earth archetype. The opposite of the Pleasure Seeker would be the Peacemaker. Nubby textures and classic silhouettes are reflective of the Peacekeeper.


Metal (The Perfectionist)



This cool, classic, organized, elegant, perfectionist loves and aspires to the finer things in life. Tailored, high end, luxurious fabrications in pastels, neutrals, and soft metallics characterize those with a metal archetype. The Perfectionist cherishes artistic beauty and culture, have inherent good taste, are meticulous and value order. You’ve never seen casual look so good on the Perfectionist. The Kate Spade bag, diamond earrings, and Christian Louboutin shoes would be ideal for the Perfectionist. Simple, uncluttered, monochromatic dressings feels right at home the metal persona.

Do you resonate with one or two of these archetypes? When you dress in a manner that represents your true essence you’ll not only look great, you’ll be comfortable in your own skin, and feel fabulous!

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Happy Tuesday!

Live, laugh, shine,

Carol 😉

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