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Travel Tips to Travel with Flair

By Carol

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Travel Prep

Are you ready to travel?  Although “spring break” is usually reserved for those living life on an academic calendar, many of us are ready to hit the road and take a break from the cold or rainy weather. Spring starts in about 10 days and that will signal one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. 

In my previous blog post on creating a travel wardrobe I talked about how to build a cohesive and wearable wardrobe. Can you travel light and still travel in style? Absolutely!  In this post to get you ready for travel season, I’m sharing how you can make that happen. Before you start packing, at least 10 days before the time you leave, lay out what you think you’ll take and then edit, edit, edit until you have a selection you’re happy with. After you’ve edited down your selections, to get the most flair and usefulness from your selections, follow these steps.

Travel Tips

1. Fit: Everything has to be pleasing on you and has to fit perfectly. This is not the time to try out new styles or to try and make that piece you’ve never worn before work for you.

2. Efficient: Make a rule that every piece has to go with at least three other things.

3. Capsules: Plan to create capsules around a medium to dark shade of your best neutral like charcoal gray, navy blue, black, or khaki. It makes it too hard to get mileage out of your wardrobe otherwise. Read my previous blog on this topic.

4. Neutrals: With that neutral color in mind, pack layers in shades of that color. For instance, you can pack a cardigan sweater in gray, a vest in a lighter shade of gray, and a thin long-sleeved top in another tone of gray. This gives you more options for temperature changes without having to change the whole outfit.

5. Unexpected: You need a few wild card items. You can’t survive on neutrals alone! Wild card items could include a narrow print scarf as a belt option that you can use through belt loops on jeans; an arty ring; a reversible wind/rain coat that has one color (red for instance) on one side and an animal print on the other; a leopard print skirt.

6. Versatility: Pack an array of scarves to change up your outfits. Again, be sure you have different weights so you have scarves in warmer fabrics (cashmere, lightweight wool) and cooler ones (cotton, linen).

7. Color: To bring color into your wardrobe, think of colors you like to wear and pair them with your neutrals. For instance combine black or charcoal with white, burnt orange, and turquoise. Navy blue combines well with hot pink, powder blue and white. These added color pieces could be in layering pieces (tanks, camisoles), a top, a bottom (skirt, pant), a piece of outerwear (poncho, long cardigan, short cardigan, embroidered jean jacket), or jewelry. You don’t have to be dressed head-to-toe in a brighter color but having smaller doses of it in your suitcase will surely bring flair to your outfits.

8. Jewelry: Wear your heavier jewelry on the plane and pack jewelry pieces that are lighter in weight for your suitcase or carryon bag. Bulky costume jewelry can add excessive weight to your suitcase.

9. Easy: Pack clothes that won’t need ironing. Technology is wonderful these days and there are so many items that come in crinkled fabrics or blends that never seem to wrinkle. Pack a dress or two in one of these fabrics.


There’s hardly anything more stressful than planning a functional and fashionable trip wardrobe. I’m here to help you so this is not an overwhelming task and can be completed prior to your trip. All you’ll have left to do is daydream about the good times ahead. If you’d like me to make this that easy contact me. I’d love to help you enjoy your trip before it even happens. 

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Life, laugh, shine!

Carol 😉

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