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The Path to Freedom

By Carol

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Today is Independence Day, a declaration of freedom. I remember moments in my life when I felt free.

Like the day I moved on campus and away from home when I started college. The day I moved into my first apartment. Or the day I moved across country to start a new life.

Each of these experiences brought a sense of wonder and yes, even a little freedom.

However, the day I felt most free was when I left my job to pursue my entrepreneurial dream full-time and do my life’s work. I was exhilarated, excited and scared as shit.

But I was also proud.

I was most proud that I was able to realize my father’s dream. A dream he had for himself and his children, and I was the first to realize it.

Unfortunately on this day when we celebrate freedom, I know many people who don’t feel free.

They feel trapped in jobs or careers they no longer value or love.

They feel trapped by fear which keeps them from playing big in their businesses.

Or they feel trapped by limiting beliefs around money, their current situation, or even their zone of genius.

Freedom doesn’t come easy. It’s hard-fought. Many times you’ll want to give up or even wonder if it’s worth the fight. But the key is to keep your eyes on the prize.

There are three definitive actions and stages that those who feel trapped must go through to feel truly independent.

The Path to Freedom

Decide: put a stake in the stand and take a leap of faith toward the thing you want to do. Name it and claim it. The Latin of the word decision literally means, “to cut off.” So that means no being wishy-washy, looking back or giving up. Make a decision and commit to moving forward.

Defend: when the going gets tough, the haters emerge, the naysayers doubt, and you’re own internal voice will try to talk you out of it. But you need to stay the course and push through.  You need a good defensive line. Courage is a French word that means “heart.” In other words, you have to have heart to persevere and get through what will inevitably be challenging, doubtful, frustrating, scary and overwhelming times.This is a necessary stage that everyone who makes a decision must go through. Think Harry Potter and the defense against the dark arts (yes, I’m a Potter fan).

Develop: once you move through what may feel like a series of storms you’ll emerge with greater skills, knowledge and a new level of confidence. Nurture and develop your new abilities and breakthrough. With the experience of achievement you’ll be able to soar to new heights, realize your dreams, and conquer your next big goal.

Freedom requires engagement. Not planning, thinking, debating or considering engagement….but in actually engaging. It’s about stepping up and taking the leap knowing full well you’ll have to develop a good defense to get to what you want in your life, business or career.

Here’s to making the choice. Here’s to letting freedom ring today and everyday!

Live, laugh and unapologetically shine!


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