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The New Power Dressing: Building a Confident Wardrobe

By Carol

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The term power dressing originated in the late 1970s and became the cornerstone of women’s corporate attire in the 1980s.  Power dressing included asexual severely structured suits in neutral coloring similar to mens suiting. It was a way to remove the femininity or sexuality from women’s attire signaling that she “took herself seriously” or was just like “one of the guys”. If you want to see a great example of power dressing just watch the movie Working Girl. When Jack Trainer saw Tess McGill in a dress he noted, “You’re the first woman I’ve seen at one of these things that dresses like a woman, not like a woman thinks a man would dress if he was a woman.”

Luckily the stiff hard lines of power dressing has lost its significance in today’s business climate. The masculine code of dressing for women has been relaxed in most industries. Women today can embrace their power and femininity while showcasing it in a wardrobe that supports them authentically. The new modern power dressing is all about exuding confidence in the clothes you’re in.

Building a Confident Power Wardrobe

It takes a 1/10th of second to make an impression and women face greater odds of getting it wrong. Wrong color, pattern, fabric, fit, busy accessories, loud perfume, or overall frumpiness can send the wrong message and derail your chances of success. To avoid that it’s important to find a brand that’s suitable for you, your goals, profession, and industry. This will ensure you build a confident power wardrobe that will keep you looking and feeling amazing. It will also avoid the tendency to slack off or lose your powerful edge.

One brand I highly recommend is MisookMisook is a streamlined, classic, sophisticated, high-end online brand for the professional woman. With this clothing line you’ll send a powerful message to those around you and project your best self. What you wear impacts your self-image, the impression you convey, and the response of those around you so consider your wardrobe choices carefully.

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The Misook Difference

I had the pleasure to pick up one of Misook’s silky-knit jackets and I instantly fell in love. My skin is very sensitive so I can’t wear a lot of rough or unfinished textures. In addition, my taste is rather particular and if I don’t love it, look amazing in it, and feel like I can channel my inner Wonder Woman, then I don’t buy it. The color story, fit, and style of Abstract Plaid Jacket was ideal for me and my personal brand.

Give Misook a try by using my Special Discount Code MSK3091 that you’ll use when you check out. It will give you 25% off your entire order.


confident evolve image consulting

confident evolve image consulting

confidence evolve image consulting

Jacket: Misook; Dress: Serena Williams Signature Statement (similar); Shoes: Franco Sarto

There are five areas in which Misook differs from their competition. They’re also the five things I tell my clients to look for when they’re building a powerfully confident wardrobe.

1.Effortless – Each of Misook’s pieces are machine washable, fade-resistant, and wrinkle-free. A great piece clothing is one that you can wear anytime. I don’t believe in waiting for certain occasions to wear your clothes (except for true formal wear). If your clothes represent the real you, then everything should be available and ready-to-wear.

2. Flattering – Their breathable no-cling fabrics are cut to compliment straight and curvy body types. Fit is important. Studies have shown that ill-fitted clothing can demonstrate a lack of maturity, confidence and competence. So selecting items that compliment the natural lines of your body is imperative. Your wardrobe should also be filled with attractive pieces that are “on trend” and not trendy with flattering colors, patterns, and fabrics.

3. Versatile – Misook pieces are designed to be mixed, matched, and layered and designed to be worn year round. My rule of thumb with any purchase is to determine whether you can wear it with at least three things in your wardrobe. Versatility extends the life of your wardrobe.

4. Investment-Worthy – Quality pieces last. While they may require a bit of an investment, the frequent wear will make the cost per wear worth it. For example, if you pay $300 for a jacket that you will wear at least 24 times/year for the next 10 years (240 times), the true cost per wear is only $1.25. Compare that to a $30 jacket you’ll wear 5-10 times in a year but have to replace 5 or 10 times over the next 10 years! A confident wardrobe is an investment-worthy wardrobe.

5. Travel Friendly – I’ve written quite a bit about creating capsule wardrobes for both everyday wear and travel. It’s important to find that anchor piece or color that you can build a capsule around. It’s also important to have pieces that will travel well, meaning it won’t wrinkle and can be styled in multiple ways.




Jacket: Misook; Top: Vince Camuto; Jeans: NYDJ Ami Stretch; Shoes: Eloquii (similar)


In conclusion, remember that power dressing is as much about your confidence level as your clothing choices. However, wearing the right clothes will support your confidence and ability to go after and achieve your dreams. Misook clothing is today’s modern power dressing for women.

Also, don’t forget to give Misook a try by using my Special Discount Code MSK3091 that you’ll use when you check out. It will give you 25% off your entire order.


Your clothing will arrive securely wrapped with the addition of a Misook garment bag to protect your investment.

Life, laugh, and confidently shine,


This is a sponsored post. However, all of the opinions are my own and represent my truthful statements and belief in this brand of clothing.

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