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The Forever Fierce 2018 Campaign

By Carol

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So…..what does it mean to be fierce at midlife?

This was the question I posed to the amazing women I have the honor of showcasing in this special edition blog post. It was a year ago that The Fierce 50 campaign was launched. The brain child of Catherine Grace O’Connell, The Fierce 50 community represents  inspiring and powerful women in their 50s who are redefining the image, idea, and perception of midlife. While the group may have started with 50 women, it has since expanded to include over 4,000 women in midlife with a collective reach of over 1/2 a million followers and fans.

In celebration of the one year anniversary of this grassroots movement, 50 select bloggers were chosen to give voice and presence to other fierce and fabulous women at midlife who are making a difference in the world, but don’t happen to blog. As an original Fierce 50 members, I was excited to be chosen, once again, to represent my midlife community.

Forever Fierce Community and Forever Fierce Podcast

As you read the personal insights of the women below, consider how would you answer this question? Then join the The Forever Fierce Community, meet other fierce midlife women, and share your response this question.

In addition to the joining The Forever Fierce Community, be sure to watch the Forever Fierce Podcasts.  Forever Fierce is an all video talk show hosted by Catherine Grace O’Connell and I’m lucky to join her at the table periodically. From our own “hot topics” discussions to interviewing amazing guests, it’s the definitive talk show/podcast to fiercely empower women of all ages through the lens of Midlife.

The show can be heard live Tuesdays at 2 PM EST/11 AM PST on LA TalkRadio in any browser, or download the App on iOS or android for phone or tablet. There is a second show twice per month at 4 PM EST/1 PM EST. You can download and subscribe on iTunesStitcher, and Google Play Music.

Meet a Few Fierce Fabulous Women at Midlife

What I admire most about these three amazing women is that they launched new businesses and careers in the second act of their lives….in midlife. Go to their websites and learn more about their stories and what drove them to leap into new entrepreneurial ventures. Below read what drives them and why they are FIERCE.

Susan Ball

Susan Ball (50), Co-Founder of Opulenza Designs, Louisville, Kentucky

Opulenza Designs is a  jewelry company that markets high quality, unique, hand crafted .925 sterling silver jewelry. Susan launched this company two years ago with 3 other women in midlife! A powerful statement of reinvention and following your dreams at midlife!

carol parker walsh forever fierce

Being “fierce” in midlife means daring greatly to be the person that you were meant to be!  Living your life on purpose & being confident enough to cast aside your fears & doubts in order to summon the courage to pursue your dreams.  It’s finding your fire & living your passion.  Knowing your self -worth & not settling for less than what you deserve.  It requires embracing the gifts that God has given us & not being afraid to let your light shine & shine that light on others! Accepting your perfectly imperfect self with love, yet continuing to strive for excellence by maintaining the curiosity of a child to be a life -long learner.  It is persevering through life’s inevitable challenges with grace & dignity & reflecting on lessons learned & appreciating the strength & wisdom gained from such trials.  Ultimately, the foundation for living fiercely is gratitude & faith.

Dr. Thyonne Gordon

Dr. Thyonne Gordon (55), Founder of Beyond Story, Los Angeles, California

A poet and storyteller, Dr. Gordon constructed a poem to respond to the question. Dr. Gordon is an accomplished strategist whose gift in bringing stories of significance to light is evidenced through her raising millions of dollars for on-purpose causes. She is committed to positive, strategic and sustainable growth in the social profit sector and you can find her work at a company she launched in midlife.

carol parker walsh forever fierce


A heartfelt and powerfully intense emotion or action

Who’s attraction comes in the latter years

When 40’s the new 30 and 50’s the new 40

And 60’s…

Hell, 60’s and 70’s???

You’ve met Fierce.


She is persistent and walks with grace

She created the human race

And runs that race with dignity and pride

At a pace with stamina for the long ride


Her endurance on an ever-winding road

Steady and strong no matter what the load

Pushes her forward, onward, never looking backward

And her word is Fierce


I met fierce in my 40’s

Hid my face for fear of being unworthy

And then again at 45…

Still thought I’d not arrived

Until it hit me

Fierce is a state of mind

The intensity–mine to define

And the action in my emotions I can choose or decline

This decision, made with precision

In an unapologetic, mystically poetic form

Makes me FIERCE!

Jo Ann Erickson

Jo Ann Erickson (49), Body Confident Coach, Portland, Oregon

A Body Confident Coach, Jo Ann’s  coaching is all about helping you participate more fully in life. It’s about helping women feel good about themselves – and liberating themselves from all their negative body talk. After spending years in the spa industry, Jo Ann launched her coaching practice last year.

carol parker walsh forever fierce

I love the confidence that mid-life brings along.  The need to seek acceptance has faded,  friendships are more selective and stronger and the time to live fiercely has arrived.  Living Fiercely … is to step out of my comfort zone, try new things, while finding challenge and the excitement of whatever I am exploring.  
Here’s to living fiercely at midlife and beyond!
Live, laugh, and confidently shine!

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