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Ideas to Bolster the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Ask any successful entrepreneur the key to their success and they’ll all give you the same answer….mindset! It’s not money, brilliant ideas, or even powerful friends (although all of those things are very helpful). It’s mindset. A positive, unstoppable, I’m-on-a-mission mindset.  Why is it their secret sauce and strategy? Because without the proper mindset, you’ll […]

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5 Ways Your Toxic Relationships are Killing Your Progress

Toxic Relationships Relationships can be challenging, albeit some more than others. They have the ability to empower and motivate you to new heights or sink you into misery and despair. Pretty powerful, right? While we have many different types of relationships that have no significant impact on our lives, there are those close and direct […]

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Exhale the Bullshit & Reclaim Your Crown

Exhale I recently did a Facebook Live and shared how our limiting beliefs are keeping us from reaching our goals and dreams. For me it all boiled down to the bullshit we’ve been fed and inhaled over the years. I came to this revelation when I saw a meme that said, “Exhale the Bullshit”. It […]

VLOG: The Anatomy of Style

Do you know the anatomy of true style? Being in the business of image there is a misconception that I’m only concerned about outside appearance. Stylists are primarily concerned with outside appearance but I utilize my training in social psychology and human development to work on mindset before we start to work in the closet. Although appearance […]

Mattel Reinvents and Celebrates The New Inclusive Barbie

Welcome to the New Inclusive Barbie Since its inception over 50 years ago, Barbie primarily had a singular look: blonde, thin, perky and blue-eyed. Over the last decade or so Mattel has seen a steady decline in sales for their hallmark toy as other toy companies have presented a more diverse pool of options. Even […]

Love Thy Self and Embrace the #VBO

I get it. It can be challenging to love every inch of our bodies. Why? Because from the time we received our first Barbie doll or fell in love with our first Disney princess we began to compare ourselves and pick ourselves apart. It continued on through pre-school and kindergarten and as we aged into adulthood, we continued […]

3 Resolutions to Make in 2015

Ok, be honest! Did you make some New Year’s Resolutions? Well you’re not alone. Actually 87% of folks make resolutions, vowing to make substantial and significant changes in the new year. However, more than 50% of those resolutions fail to see the light of day by the end of January. Of course, the statistics are […]

5 Tips for Shopping for the Perfect Holiday Outfit

It’s already December and the holiday parties have begun! Do you have a few invitations waiting for a response? Need to find the perfect outfit that will carry you from one party to the next? Want something absolutely fabulous for New Year’s? Well, before you scan the internet or go out there in search of […]