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Save Time & Money with Your Style Intention

Ladies, did you know we spend on average $1,800 every year on new clothes. Considering that you wear on average 20% of what you purchase, you are in effect wasting over $1,400 a year buying items that just don’t suit you. This means wasted time in front of the mirror trying to “find something to […]

How I Wear…Ruby Ribbon Red

. Ruby Ribbon Red About a year ago I heard about this amazing new shapewear company named Ruby Ribbon, which I shared with you in my shapewear post a few months ago. I actually liked it so much I decided to rep the product to make it available for my image clients.  What I didn’t […]

How I Wear…Summer Blues

It’s all about my “summer blues” in this installment of How I Wear. I started with this asymmetrical off the shoulder/cold shoulder top and created various pairings to show it’s versatility. Of course, I could have worn it with jeans but in 90-degree weather jeans may not be your first or favored choice. I also […]

How I Wear…A Denim Pencil Skirt & Boho Top

Happy Wednesday! My skirt of choice today is a stretch denim pencil skirt from Charlotte Russe+. Denim is not an easy fabric to wear particularly in a skirt because of the thickness of the material. I often find it too stiff and bulky and rather heavy. This skirt is the exact opposite, which made it […]

How I Wear…Red Striped Pencil Skirt

Happy Wednesday! I’m sharing my continual love for pencil skirts, while simultaneously breaking the rules, by wearing a red striped pencil skirt. I’ve talked about pencil skirts in a previous post, why everyone should own one, and what to consider for each body type. Wearing horizontal stripes across my hips is considered a no-no for […]

6 Steps to Finding Your Personal Style

  Dress (options here, here, & here) :: Ring Blazer (options  here, here & here) :: Necklace (options here, here & here) :: Ring :: Earrings Sole Society ShoesDo you know your personal style? Or do you just grab whatever fits, without much thought? Believe it or not, having a clear idea of your personal style […]


If you’re looking for something other than a little black dress to wear this holiday season, why not find a fabulous tulle skirt and pair it with your favorite sweater, tee, blouse, or bodysuit. Add a dynamic pair of shoes, a statement piece of jewelry, and bold lips and you’re ready to go! Not only […]