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Pack Like a Pro: Packing Tips for the Chronic Overpacker

On average we wear about 20% of the clothes in our closet. So why is it when we start packing for a trip we feel the need to bring the other 80% (that we don’t often wear) along?? That’s right, 55% percent of those surveyed by Cheapflights.com admitted that they overpack. Listen, if you don’t […]

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Travel Tips to Travel with Flair

Travel Prep Are you ready to travel?  Although “spring break” is usually reserved for those living life on an academic calendar, many of us are ready to hit the road and take a break from the cold or rainy weather. Spring starts in about 10 days and that will signal one of the busiest travel […]

How to Create a Travel Wardrobe

Happy Monday!! Traveling during the holiday season can be hectic. Learning how to create a travel wardrobe effectively and efficiently can remove one thing off of your to-do list and give you peace of mind. Most people overpack, having that “just in case” mentality when packing for their trip only to realize at the end […]

4 Quick Packing Tips for Your Next Trip

I’ll admit it. My name is Carol and I was a chronic over-packer.  I had to pack outfits for every occasion (including back ups) with multiple shoe options. I often had so many shoes that I needed a separate suitcase just for them. In recent years I’ve had to fly quite a bit for work and quickly realized that […]