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4 Smart Business Investments You Need to Make

I get it. You’re a solo-preneur. You’re proud of the fact that you’ve bootstrapped your business from the ground up, tackling every task that comes your way. You built your first website, dove in and learned how to edit and upload videos to YouTube, figured out how to format your email newsletter, and even wrestled […]

confident coaching

Confident Coaching: How to Stop Being Your Worst Client

Confident in Your Coaching? Imagine you had a coaching client who consistently failed to complete her tasks for the week. She couldn’t find the time to get her email opt-in page completed. She was too busy to write the next chapter of her book. She was working too hard and completely forgot to put together […]

VLOG: The Anatomy of Style

Do you know the anatomy of true style? Being in the business of image there is a misconception that I’m only concerned about outside appearance. Stylists are primarily concerned with outside appearance but I utilize my training in social psychology and human development to work on mindset before we start to work in the closet. Although appearance […]

6 Tips on Taking a Great Selfie

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…we live in the age of self-portraits (aka “selfies”), and it takes more than the perfect filter to make it great (although filters are WONDERFUL). The difference between a good and bad shot lies in preparation and practice, so it’s time to figure out the best tips for taking this defining photograph. After […]

Your 3-Step Guide to Wearing Non-Traditional Workwear

Ok, I know, workwear is probably not the most fun and exciting topic to talk about, but it doesn’t have to be. With the rise of non-traditional work schedules, locations, and ways of conducting business, there’s also been a shift in what’s considered appropriate workwear. This is a great time to let your personal style shine through, […]