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Fit Solutions for Every Figure

We all probably fuss more than we need to over what we consider our figure flaws. In truth we could all be happier if we focused more on what makes our bodies feel great in clothes. Consider my last blog on the habits of the highly stylish. Stop finding fault with your body. Instead, learn […]

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24 Dressing Tips for Women of All Sizes

Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Everybody has a body shape and specific clothes that flatter it. There isn’t one item that flatters everyone. It’s up to each of us to discover what our body likes to wear. In order to find clothes that will flatter you, the fashion industry has used language to “help” […]


The 4 Keys to a Perfect Wardrobe

I did a talk last night to a group of women about the keys to a perfect wardrobe and was not surprised when many women said they looked in their closets and felt as if they had nothing to wear. What did surprise me, however, was when one women shared that she had two closets; […]

What to Consider When Dressing Your Body Shape

Have you ever tried something on that looked fabulous on your bestie and just plain bad on you? Chances are you may not know what to wear to flatter your particular body shape. Even if you wear the same size as your bestie, it doesn’t mean that the fit, proportion, or silhouette of the garment is […]

5 Tips for Shopping for the Perfect Holiday Outfit

It’s already December and the holiday parties have begun! Do you have a few invitations waiting for a response? Need to find the perfect outfit that will carry you from one party to the next? Want something absolutely fabulous for New Year’s? Well, before you scan the internet or go out there in search of […]