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Quick Guide: Accessorizing In The Winter

Completing a winter outfit with the right accessories can be tricky. It’s colder, you’re bundled up, and less skin is showing. How can you showcase accessories without them getting lost in your layers? Here are ways accessorizing can highlight and add polish your cold weather outfits. Highlight Your Face The face won’t be covered up […]

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Give the Gift of Elegance and Time: JORD Wood Watches

I am a BIG fan of accessories.  A well chosen accessory can change the entire feel and look of an outfit. Accessories allow for creativity by either showcasing your personality or allowing you to venture into unchartered territory.  If you’re trying to update or even advance your styles, one of the easiest ways to do […]

Solving Closet Mysteries – Part 3

Final Closet Solution Here we are at the third common mysteries…accessories. It’s common to see something amazing while on your travels and struggle to then incorporate it back into your everyday life and wardrobe. Accessories, particularly jewelry, can be very personal and special so it’s important find a way to showcase it as often as possible. […]

How to Accessorize Like a Pro

View my most recent appearance on KATU-ABC AM Northwest, where I share tips on how to accessorize like a pro. I’ve talked about accessories before on the blog, but this time, I wanted to break down how to find the best accessories for YOU.

How I Wear…Sweater Duster

I was heading out to see a broadway musical this past weekend (more below) and as I was figuring out what I was going to wear my eye got this understated long black jersey sweater duster. I love the concept of sweater dusters and long kimonos but often find them overwhelming to wear. I find […]

Accessory Style Quiz

Supercharge Your Accessory Style with this Quiz

  It’s the first day of summer and a perfect time to take an assessment of your accessory swag to make sure it’s current and stylish. This accessory style quiz will help you determine your style, in case it’s shifted through the years, and how to ensure it’s on point. Once you’ve identified your accessory […]

Style Session: Denim and Gingham

  Denim and gingham usually bring to mind sunny days, picnics in the park, or strolls along the river; typical summer activities. However, why not bring a bit of sunshine and fun to your wardrobe during the winter months by wearing denim and gingham. I particularly LOVE this skirt that picked up for a great […]

How to Look Stylish in 10 Minutes!

Happy Tuesday!! First and foremost I want thank each of you who have subscribed and tune in to see what I’m wearing and talking about. I’m truly appreciative and grateful that I can offer you something you think is useful and informative. Recently a few people commented that they would love to dress more stylishly, but […]

A is for Accessories

  Happy Friday! I love accessories. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I’ve included some sort of accessory in each and every post. Why? Because accessories are like the furniture you add to an empty house, the picture you add to an empty wall or the frosting you add to a bare cake. […]

Dressing the Mother of the Bride and Tory Burch #Giveaway!

  Dress (in coral) // Shoes // Clutch (similar) // Necklace – retired (similar here) // Earrings – similar// Ring // Bracelets //Sunnies Happy Wednesday! June once again marked the beginning of wedding season. More than likely you’ll be invited to one or a few so it’s important to consider what you are going to […]