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The Path to Freedom

Today is Independence Day, a declaration of freedom. I remember moments in my life when I felt free. Like the day I moved on campus and away from home when I started college. The day I moved into my first apartment. Or the day I moved across country to start a new life. Each of […]

How I Wear…Red, White & Blue

Happy 4th of July! Today I’m bringing you a “special red, white & blue edition” of How I Wear in honor of Indepdence Day. What I love about this look is that it’s easy to pull together, the accessories do all the talking, and it’s something I could wear anytime. Yes, I was one of […]

4th of July and Tory Burch #Giveaway

  4th of July Inspiration by evolveyourimage featuring a fringe purse Who else out there is excited to have a three-day weekend!!  Whoohoo!! Well to kick things off I thought I’d share a little 4th of July wardrobe inspiration for you. It’s fun, colorful, has a burst of energy, yet still stylish! What are you […]