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Stop Pretending and Find the Work You Love

By Carol

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Today on my monthly segment on AMNW I was at the table with host Helen Raptis talking careers. Not a topic I usual come on to discuss, but with my work focusing more and more on career transitions, I thought it was an important one to cover.


My clients are professional women that come to me because they realize transforming their image is key to achieving the maximum power and income in their career. But what I realized, after working successfully in this field, was that transforming their image was only the beginning of the transformation they were truly seeking. What my clients were really after was a full career or business transformation once they gained a fuller understanding of who they are and what they want in the world.


In today’s climate of authenticity and owing your truth, there’s been no better time for people to choose meaningful work over finances and status. Now is the perfect time to reinvent yourself, find your purpose and a fulfilling career.


So, if you’re ready to stop pretending or hiding out in work you no longer love, let’s begin the process of finding your life’s work.


1. First get very clear on what you DON’T like to do.

Surprisingly this gets you closer to understanding what you want. For example, if you hate office politics or bureaucracy, that it helps you to understand that what you want is to work in a place that’s innovative, open to change and transparent.


2. Consider the new skills you can develop now.

While you may be in a less desirable situation, stop thinking about how bad it is and starting thinking about what you can get out of it. For example, may you want to improve upon your presentation and communication skills. Can you volunteer to present at the next staff meeting? Can you submit a proposal to present at your industries next conference?


3. Figure out what you REALLY want.

We often are afraid of what we really want so we add in a substitute or settle for what seems easier or more reasonable. For example, sometimes you may say is you just want to promote to next position, but what you really want is more income and responsibilities that will prepare you to go out and start your own business. Starting the business is what you really want, not the promotion.


You can watch the full segment below:


Do you need help transitioning into doing work you love? Climbed the wrong career ladder and ready to get off? Then let’s connect today!


Live, laugh and unapologetically shine!

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