Solving Closet Mysteries – Part 3

By Carol

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Final Closet Solution

Here we are at the third common mysteries…accessories. It’s common to see something amazing while on your travels and struggle to then incorporate it back into your everyday life and wardrobe. Accessories, particularly jewelry, can be very personal and special so it’s important find a way to showcase it as often as possible.  Here’s a few ideas to help you feature your special piece.

Unsolved Fashion Mystery #3 – Statement Necklace

You purchased a necklace on a recent vacation. You brought it home and it seems like nothing goes with it. You’re missing pieces, like the right ring, bracelet or earrings.

You need to think outside of your jewelry box. First, identify the materials that make up the necklace. Is it rose gold, burnished copper, oxidized silver? Is it made up of stones or gems in one color or multiple colors? Identify the colors.

Is the personality of the necklace modern, retro, tribal, minimalist, or Victorian? The companions to your necklace need to relate to the colors and/or the personality of the necklace.

Bring your necklace with you to a department store or boutique that offers lots of choices.

With your fashion detective cap on, start searching for companion pieces that relate to your necklace. You’re looking for the right ring, or bracelet, or earrings that look like they belong in the same family as your necklace.

Once you’ve purchased the items to go with the necklace you’ll use this same grouping for travel, work outfits, or a Saturday night outfit. Your necklace will get lots of use. Another case closed!

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Mystery Solved

Are there mysteries in your closet that need to be solved? I am your on-call style detective and will be on the case immediately. Just give me a call! Be sure to follow my blog and get more tips and info on Instagram and Facebook!

Thanks for joining me!

Live, laugh, shine!

Carol 😉

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