Solving Closet Mysteries – Part 2

By Carol

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Closet Solutions Continued

I’m back with another closet mystery. Buying an item on trend like wide leg pants or culottes can be tricky to incorporate into your closet. But what about a bold color that you picked up because you thought you need a little more color in your closet? That can be not only challenging because it’s out of the norm for you, but also because it doesn’t seem to quite fit in. Well keep reading on how to solve this mystery.

Unsolved Fashion Mystery #2 – Bright Orange

You’ve purchased a sweater in a bright orange. You found that color so attractive in the store, only now that you’ve brought it home; you’re wondering what you were thinking. Don’t rush to return it. Let’s think this through.

If your wardrobe is made up of neutral shades like charcoal, black, gray, navy blue, olive green, or white, image how enlivened your outfit would be if you wore that bright colored sweater with your favorite neutrals.

Your assignment is to take that orange sweater to your closet and experiment with one or two neutral shades, but one at a time. Let’s say you’re going to work with shades of gray first. Pull out all your bottoms and jackets in that color. Keep the sweater on and try on five different pairs of pants or skirts. Look in the mirror. Do you see something you like? Take note! It may look great with more formal pieces or casual ones. You don’t know until you try.

Next, go to another neutral shade, maybe navy blue. Explore your navy blue bottoms and see if you can create more combos you enjoy with that orange sweater. When you find one that works, take note. Try to wear it soon. When you realize how fun you’re having with that accent color, you may want to bring in another one and go through the drill. You’ll have outfits for days without having purchased many new items at all. Case closed.

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Tune In

I hope this was helpful to curing a few of your closet woes. Stay tuned when I share yet another closet mystery with you this Friday!  Don’t forget to follow the blog and catch me on Instagram and Facebook!

Live, laugh, shine!

Carol 😉

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