Solving Closet Mysteries – Part 1

By Carol

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Closet Mysteries

More often than not you have a few pieces hanging in your closet that you’re not using and maybe even questioning why they’re there. The clothes in your closet are often clues into how you see and feel about yourself. There’s also some clues in there about your true style and you’d love to dress. There’s also pieces in there that you’re still wondering how they got there.

If you have a few item that still have the tag on them and wondering what to do with them exam the item and ask yourself three questions:

  1. What attracted you to the item? Color, pattern, fabric, etc.
  2. Does it still fit and look great on you?
  3. Do you love it and feel amazing in it?

If your answers are favorable then let’s play fashion detective. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work on these cold cases.

Unsolved Fashion Mystery #1 – The Wide Leg Pant

You purchased a wide leg pant six months ago. It’s a new style for you but you haven’t worn it yet. Why? Research is needed.

How could you get ideas for styling this wide leg pant that you own? Go to Instagram and search under the hashtag #widelegpant. You’ll probably have 20,000 images show up. You don’t have to look through many of them before ideas begin to flow.

Solutions could include tucking a flowy top inside a high waisted, wide leg pant. Or it could be creating a column of color by matching a top to your pants and adding a long sleeveless open tunic for an elegant, sophisticated look. Maybe you discover shoe styles that look great with this pant – styles you hadn’t considered before.

Chances are you’ll see something in the images that reminds you of items you already own. Go directly to your closet and try on those pieces with your wide leg pants. With any good investigation, you need to take good notes. Write down your good ideas once you’ve created three new outfits with these pants and plan to wear one of the outfits this week. Case closed. 


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Live, laugh, shine!

Carol 😉

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