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Are you an executive, entrepreneur, or resident rebel at heart? If you are it’s time to take it to the next level and gain a visual advantage with a little edge.

When you look around, do you spot people who have that something-something that makes you take notice? You may think to yourself, there’s someone I’d really like to meet! Someone is wearing something that represents a quality that appeals to you: surprise, humor, drama, and charm. If you could study that person’s outfit you might spot a detail or two or three that pulls you in and makes you curious

I’m going to call that thing this person is doing “adding edge” to her outfit. She’s doing something that the rest of us aren’t doing. She’s wearing a color combination or an accessory that could be a conversation starter. Whatever the details are, they are pleasant and interesting to us.

I don’t want you to think I’m talking about edge as in rock star edgy attire. It’s more about definition. We can see the edge of the horizon or the edge of a table. When someone is dressed using edge, there is an outline that we see. Their appearance is not bland or thoughtless. It’s rich and interesting.

Who Benefits?
Who could benefit from creating more edge in their look? Anyone who is feeling blah or bored with their outfits; someone who never hears a compliment; someone who’s never had a stranger approach her to start a conversation.

Some of the biggest challenges for women are standing out, being seen, showing up. I find this really common in entrepreneurial women who are over 40 years old. I hear things like, “I don’t want to be too intimidating,” or “I don’t want to put people off,” or “I don’t want to stand out.” There’s a misconception that if you wear things that are bold, expensive, or unique that you will not be approachable. However, it’s not what you’re wearing that makes you unapproachable, it’s your attitude, your energy, and your essence that sends a message that you believe yourself to be above or set apart from the rest of the crowd. It’s time to stop hiding! The one thing you want to do as a business owner is to stand out!

Examples of Edge
It may sound hard but it’s not. Here are a couple of examples of simple things that create edge.

1. A woman is wearing jeans and a half tucked blouse. She has metallic ballet flats on her feet and an animal print belt. The edgy part of her outfit metallic flats and animal print belt. People think:
“Gee, she looks interesting!”
“I wonder what her story is.”
“I bet she’s really smart.”

That sparkle of her shoes had the power to create all kinds of thought.

2. A woman is wearing a man-tailored suit with open at the neck. Her shirt requires cuff links and she’s wearing silver ones. She has an edgy short or bobbed hairstyle with bright highlights. She juxtaposed the look with a sleek pair of stilettos.
People think:
“Who is she?”
“She must confident and self-assured.”
“I’d love to find out more about her. I think I will!”

A haircut with definition gives the impression that this woman knows who she is. She’s sharp and intelligent. It takes a confidence to rock menswear. It’s unusual and interesting.

To review, “edge” is shorthand for having presence, being a little unpredictable, creating surprise, mystery, or dynamism. Having an edge is taking a stand and going for it.

Are You Ready for a Little Edge?
You may be ready to add edge to your outfits if you’re:

1.You’re an entrepreneur whose tired of blending in with everyone around you and are ready to be seen, stand out from the competition and take your business to another level.
2. Entering the dating scene and wanting a memorable look for online photos or you’re meeting someone for the first coffee date.
3. A mom whose children have left the nest. You’ve given everything to your kids and now it’s time to reclaim your identity.
4. You’re an executive ready to make your way to the C-suite and need to emerge from the sea of blue and black suits around you.
5. Someone who has moved to a new community and plans to join a book club, an alumni club, a professional group or a social group. Standing out from the crowd can help you meet new people more quickly.

How to Add Edge to Your Wardrobe
Seize the opportunity to add edge to your outfit. Here is a quick guide for five ways to do just that.
1. Wear a novelty jacket (the opposite of a double breasted suit jacket.). The pattern of the jacket could be striking with images of birds or words or print or exaggerated flora. The colors could be bright or could mix a neutral color with a non-neutral color like camel and bright orange or brown and turquoise.

2. Wear a larger, more distinctive handbag. If you wear totes, make your next one an exaggerated shape. Going for a new color can help you etch out your edge.

3. Wear a hat. Hats are great conversation starters as not many people wear them these days. You’ll stand out and be interesting without opening your mouth!

4. If you wear casual separates a lot, find a way to add bling to your outfit. Add a bold sparkly necklace or sparkly chandelier earrings. Wear a flat shoe that has a velvet or metallic finish to it plus extra details like bows or buckles.
5. Wear more than one of something. If you usually wear one bangle, wear three. If you wear one pendant, layer an extra chain or two to make it have more design weight.
Are you ready to add more interest to your outfits? Are you ready to be seen and remembered for your great and no excuses style? Do you want that visual advantage in your life and business? Let me help you add that edge that will get you noticed on your terms. You deserve it!

Click HERE and let’s add a little edge to your wardrobe and get you noticed!

Live, laugh, shine!


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