Shop Your Closet – 5 Tips on How to Make Everything Old New Again

By Carol

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Jumpsuit (old) / Flip Flops / Necklace 1, 2 / Earrings / Bracelets 1, 2, 3 / Rings 1, 2

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all had a great 3-day weekend! For many it was a time of remembrance, family, and fun barbecues. I, on the other hand, spent the weekend de-cluttering and purging stuff, which I’ll share more about that with you tomorrow.

Like any girl I love a new outfit. However, sometimes in the quest for that new dress, skirt, or blouse we forget about those fabulous finds already in our closet. They’ve kind of lost their sparkle and “new car smell” even though they remain functional and stylish. Consider those pieces that you have kept for sentimental reasons, or with the hope that you’ll fit it again, or that are no longer (and quit possible never will be) in style. I’m talking about those gems that have served you well in the past yet haven’t had any playtime recently.

I got this jumpsuit about 20 years ago at a cute little boutique in Maryland, well before it was in style, but I’m glad I held on to it. It’s linen, can be dressed up and down, and easily transition from winter (with boots and a sweater) to summer. The palazzo styling is back on trend and of course black is my color of choice. As a side note, palazzo pants are a tricky fit for a petite frame because the wide legs can make you look a little stumpy. That doesn’t mean you can’t rock the look, just means you have to search for a pair where the legs aren’t too wide and the fit is appropriate for your frame.

Rework Your Wardrobe

If you want to revitalize your wardrobe and make everything old new again, here are five (5) tips on how to shop your closet.

1. Clean Out and De-Clutter Your Closet – It’s hard to find those gems if you can see where they are. Go through and get rid of what doesn’t work and then clean and repair what does work. Here’s more on how clean out your closet.

2. Bring Out the Accessories – If you have scarves, hats, or jewelry you’ve purchased but never really worn, now is the time to inventory what you have and bring them out to play. Accessories can actually breath new life into an outfit and give it an entirely new look and feel. Here’s more on what accessories can do for an outfit.

3. Mix and Match – A lot of times when we purchase an outfit or piece of clothing we have an idea of how we will wear it and that becomes the only way we wear it. Try something new. Take a skirt, pant, or dress and pair it with every top, jacket, and sweater you own to see what new looks emerge. And yes, you turn a dress into a skirt but wearing a top over it.

4. Get Creative with Color – I’m a big advocate for understanding and playing with color.  When you learn which are the right colors for you and fill your closet with those colors, then the combinations you can make are endless. Also consider color combinations you’ve never created before. An understanding of the color wheel will be really helpful here.

5. Look for Stylish Inspirations – I love that you’re following/subscribed to my blog and see it as a source of style inspiration but don’t stop there. It can be challenging to imagine yourself in a style when the person wearing it is a size 2 and you’re not. Or seeing yourself in a $6,000 Chanel or Gucci couture worn by a model or celebrity. However, it’s not about the size or cost, it’s about the style. Yes you may want to tweak a few things to fit your style personality or your petite, tall, or curvy girl frame, but that’s the easy part. I often read other’s blogs and fashion magazines for my outfit inspirations that I use to shop my closet.

Take a 30-day challenge and create outfits from the clothes in your closet using these tips. Share your outfits and how it felt to become your own wardrobe stylist!

Live, laugh, shine!

Carol 😉

Sharing is Caring! <3 

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