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Save Time & Money with Your Style Intention

By Carol

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Ladies, did you know we spend on average $1,800 every year on new clothes. Considering that you wear on average 20% of what you purchase, you are in effect wasting over $1,400 a year buying items that just don’t suit you. This means wasted time in front of the mirror trying to “find something to wear,” frustration with what feels like a limited selection, and ultimately a blow to your confidence.  Aren’t you tired of this game?

By now you know what you wear matters. The problem however comes in knowing exactly what to wear. What clothing choices make sense for you, your objectives, goals, and aspirations. It can be hard to answer these question because of the barrage of style magazines, fashion bloggers, and maybe even people like me offering a plethora of advice. I get it. But let me reassure you, now is NOT the time to give up, it’s the time to get smart!

What’s a Style Intention

Let’s first start with what’s an intention. It’s defined as follows:

in·ten·tion (inˈten(t)SH(ə)n/) noun 1. a thing intended; an aim or plan. “She was full of good intentions.” 2. MEDICINE the healing process of a wound.

There are two key things I want you to pay particular attention to within this definition: “plan” and “healing process.” This work can be powerful, healing and life changing. But…you have to create a plan.

It’s significant to create an intention around what you’ll choose to wear on a daily basis. It starts with what you fill your closet with. Once you have the proper selection of items in your wardrobe, you need to create a daily practice around getting dressed each morning.  This will help you to leverage your clothes to express your authenticity and attract your deepest desires.

Set a daily intention, speak life into it, and then support it with your clothing. Here’s how.

Setting Your Style Intention

There are four key questions you need to ask yourself every morning before you get dressed to set your style intention. You’ll want to grab paper and pencil and jot these down or print this out so you can have these questions handy. If you want to do this the night before, that’s perfectly acceptable.

Your four questions are:

  • What’s on my schedule for the day? __________________(networking, meeting, client appointment, admin work, etc.)
  • I want to accomplish ____________________ by the end of the day. (Do you need to do some brainstorming or writing; implementing or taking action; connecting or building relationships; supporting a current or on boarding a new client; completing a project or getting your space organized).
  • I need to feel  ___________________ today. (creative, inspired, dramatic, comfortable, sophisticated etc. today.)
  • I will wear ____________________ (well-made, cozy, dressy, luxurious, classic, etc.) clothes that make me feel confident and prepared to _______________. (think deeply or inspire action or connect with others or attract stability or excel in all I do or generate more income, etc.)

Now, if you already have a wardrobe that reflects your essence, contains your power colors, fits you impeccably, and supports you functionally and fabulously, this will be a relatively easy task. If you’ve NOT done this work yet, you will admittedly struggle here. Stay with me and I’ll share more how we can remedy that.

Why This Works

Setting your style intention will accomplish three critical necessities in your life: (1) save time; (2) save money; (3) build your confidence.

You’ll save time because you’ll no longer stare blankly at your closet saying, “I have nothing to wear.” Changing your outfit three, four, or even five times before you decide to wear what you wore two days ago will be a thing of the past. Knowing clearly not only what you have on your schedule but how you want to feel as you move through your day will help you immediately eliminate options that don’t fit the occasion.

You’ll save money because you’ll stop the “guessing game” you play every time you go shopping. Being “in style” or shopping based on subscription box services, friendly sales clerks, and well meaning friends will end because you’ll know exactly what to buy, when and how. No longer plagued with a hodgepodge of clothing items resulting in an inconsistent image, you’ll actually begin to see an increase in job offers or promotions, sales, and other financial opportunities.

It will build your confidence because you’ll on the tasks at hand for the day instead of what you’re wearing. You’ll no longer feel insecure as you see your well-dressed and beautifully styled colleague walk by. Procrastination, fear, and inaction will be minimized because your confidence level will boost your productivity level.

Ready to Set Your Style Intention?

If you are finally ready to stop playing the “guessing game” every morning, wasting time and money, and know you need to set a style intention that will shift your mindset and create success in all parts of your life, then let’s talk. I’ve set aside a few appointments for those who are serious about setting a style intention for greater confidence and high-performance results. If you’re here, I think that’s you.

Book your appointment today!

Live, laugh, and confidently shine!

Carol 😉

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