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How to Properly Wear Fragrances

By Carol

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Do you have a signature fragrance? Fragrances have evolved over the years originally created from florals or spices. They were developed into oils capturing bold scents of nature like orange blossom, gardenia, rose, spice and vanilla. Modern day perfumiers learned to create synthetic scents to expand the breath of options, which is why we have so many options and combinations today. 

Women have used scents since the beginning of time as a beauty ritual and to entice those around them. There are three levels of fragrances: perfume, eau de perfume and eau de toilette (which is most common form today). Perfume in it’s purist form is quite strong and was used mostly to mask body order before the advent of running water. Softer versions of these strong fragrances were created to not overpower the nose with eau de perfume being of medium strength and eau de toilette being much lighter. Most fragrances today are eau de toilette.  

The most famous perfume to be bottled and sold is, you guessed it, Chanel No. 5. Named after Coco Chanel’s lucky number, it was launched on the fifth day of the fifth month in 1921. It’s both an iconic sold that’s reserved for mature and independent woman. It’s still one of the top selling perfumes today. 

How to Wear Your Fragrance

As I mentioned above, whatever fragrance you choose it should never be overpowering. It shouldn’t greet people before you do or stay long after you leave. Only those within a few inches of you should smell what you’re wearing. If you’re one that loves strong scents apply smaller amounts. If you love lighter, fresher, citrus scents then you can be a bit more liberal.

You can apply your fragrance two ways.

Method One

You can apply it to the inside of your wrist not to close the hands since you’ll wash your hands throughout the day. Also apply behind the knees (so those who are seated can smell you as you walk by), behind your ears (in case someone hugs you), maybe a light dusting in your hair. When you apply to your wrist DO NOT rub your wrist together. When you do that you overheat the perfume and can completely alter the smell of it. 

Method Two

You can spray the fragrance in the air and then walk through it. With this method the fragrance doesn’t last as long so you may need to reapply. 

Additional Tips

Apply your fragrance when you get out of the shower and your body temperature is slightly elevated.

Fragrances will last about 4 hours (lesser for lighter scents) so you may want to carry around a purse size to reapply. If you want it to last longer  you can also use the accompanying body cream or lotion in the same scent.

Don’t wear your fragrance every day or you’ll diminish your sense of smell and sensitivity to the fragrance. When that happens you stand the risk of over applying it.

Also, if you’re wearing lavender body lotion, flavored lip balm, or essential oils, don’t add another fragrance to the equation. Choose the one you want to represent you for the day.


Your choice of fragrance should match your personality and augment your authentic style. It will probably also evolve over time; from what you wore as a teen to what you wear now as a mature woman. If you have a signature scent, bring it into your home or office with a candle in the same scent. 

Here’s a few popular scents and a few of my favorites! What’s your favorite?

Live, laugh, and confidently shine!
Carol 😉

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