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Mistakes Are The Learning Blocks of Life

By Carol

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You’ve heard of the phrase, “live and learn” right? Well there’s a reason this phrase is so popular. It’s because it’s true.

However, while we believe in the veracity of the statement, we don’t often like the lessons life throws our way. We could live without the mistakes, trials and challenges but it is through these moments we grow and evolve. Our mistakes can become our greatest teachers.

One of the exercises I give my clients to do when working to discover their purpose is to write the story of their lives. To reflect on the wounds they experienced, the accidents and mistakes, and the lessons learned. It’s through the examination of their lived experiences that they find a wealth of knowledge that will point you in the direction of your life’s work.

It’s also about reframing how you look at “mistakes” in your life. Reframing your thinking. If you look at them as tools to your success, then you’ll look forward to making more of them. You’re mistakes will not only your lessons in life, they could serve as an encouragement to someone else.

I talked about this in a Facebook Live on my business page. Watch it here:

Your Story Matters

Posted by Carol Parker Walsh Consulting on Thursday, May 17, 2018


I’m also sharing a great article by John Maxwell on reflective thinking and how this can help you learn to make the best of your mistakes and use them to build upon your story.

carol parker walsh life lessons

How to Make the Most of Your Mistakes

What mistakes are you now reflecting upon that have had a significant and positive impact in your life?

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