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Managing Your Professional Presence in the Digital Space

By Carol

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Professional Presence in the Digital Space

As a regular contributor on AM Northwest, I try to bring relevant, current, and important topics that will help you not just thrive but succeed in the entrepreneurial and business work. Today I focused on how we show up in the social media space.

Social media and the digital marketplace has definitely taken over the way we connect with each and the way we do business. As a result our digital image, visual brand, and professional presence in the social space has become a key component of communication and messaging.

Employers will check out your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages before thoroughly reviewing your resume. Businesses will look at your reviews on LinkedIn or your speaker’s reel on your website before considering you for a project. Potential clients will watch your interactions on Instagram or Facebook in order to “know, like and trust” you before hiring you to do business. In addition, we no longer email each other; instead we direct message or “IM” to reach people faster.

We must become intentional and mindful about how we show up in the digital space; and get rid of notions of “private” pages and accounts. While it takes 1/10th of a second to make an impression face-to-face, it takes 1/5th of a second to make digital impression.

Managing the Photos

Here are some suggestions that may help you show up in a professional manner and communicate your branded message to your intended audience.

1.Check Your Background: Neutral, solid, or landscaped backgrounds are best.

2. No Group or Animal Photos: Be sure you’re the only one in the picture, that includes family, friends, loved ones, or even colleagues. Also, don’t use your dog, car, cartoon character, etc. as your profile picture. People want to see you. (Use the cover photo for these things). Now, if your business is pets, comics, or photography for example, you can include these things but keep it professional. The intention is to have someone want to learn more.

3. No Car, Restaurant, or Bar Selfies: You want your picture to look like you put some thought into it and you didn’t take it on the fly.

4. Be You: Post only RECENT pictures, nothing more than 1 year old. It’s ok to let your personality shine through in your colors, style or pose.

5. Look at the Camera: As they say “your eyes are the window to your soul” and it’s where folks will first build trust with you, so be sure they can be seen clearly. Also, if  you need to do a selfie use a selfie stick so your arm holding the camera isn’t visible.

Managing the Space

6. KEEP YOUR PERSONAL LIFE PRIVATE: This is important. Remember who may be looking at your profile. If you’re going through something you want to share to reach the most people or are looking for support, consider creating a group on Facebook just for those people.

7. Utilize privacy settings. Check your privacy settings to be sure you know exactly what pieces of information you are sharing with the public. Also don’t allow others to “tag” you in photos without your permission. However, if you have to set so many private settings to block certain groups of people you want to reconsider posting the content to begin with.

8. Be careful about what you post. It is important to be mindful about what you post anywhere online. This is not about censorship. You have the right to express your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on Facebook or any other social media channel within reason and their terms and conditions. However, think through the potential repercussions of your postings.

Managing Your Appearance

9. Wear your best colors. You don’t need to “know your colors” just wear a color that you love to wear and feel amazing in.

10. Add a bit of makeup. The camera tends to show everything so adding a bit of foundation, mascara, and lipstick will go a long way.

11. Style your hair normally. If you color, cut, or change your hair and plan to keep it that way for a while,then change your profile picture. Remember keep everything current and nothing more than a year old. 


I hope these tips will help you show up in a way to attract the job, the business, the promotion, and/or the clients you want. Remember, just think before you post and be mindful of your presence in the digital space.

You can watch the AMNW segment live here:

If you need help with your professional presence in person or in the digital space, contact me for a free consultation!

Live, laugh, shine!

Carol 😉


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