Are you stuck in the status quo?

  • “I have new goals for my business, have a new book, doing media tours & need to upgrade my professional presence”
  • “Since first impressions are key, I need to make the best impression for my potential employer”
  • “I need a boost in confidence to network, speak about my business, or speak on stage”
  • “I need to sharpen my leadership skills and visual brand”
  • “I know exactly the personal brand I want to project but I just can’t get there”
  • “I need a holistic strategy to align me, my brand, and my goals”
  • “I’m not coming across confident and struggle with communicating my personal brand effectively”
Through my doctoral research and hundreds of hours working with my clients I have found three key pillars to building a confident image & successful impactful personal brand:

Position | Package | Promote

Fundamentally your personal brand is how you look, think, and act so through our work together you'll master your image, increase your influence, and ultimately make your impact. You need an expert in your professional life who understands your challenges, will tell you the truth, bring you unconventional solutions, reinterpret the status quo, tweak the game and guide you through your personal cutting-edge transformative process.

I Know What You're Thinking...

“You’ve nailed it! This is exactly what I need but I’ll do it when I have more money, further along in my business or career, or do it myself.”

Let’s be honest. Aren’t you tired of missed opportunities? Following the same old rules with boring or demoralizing results? Not performing at your elite brilliance level? Desiring a fresh look since your image also affects how you feel about yourself?  If you truly believe in yourself, the gifts you have to share with the world, the impact you can make in your organization and want to represent yourself at your best, then let’s get started on this exciting journey.

Jumpstart for Success

Clarity on You, Your Message, Your Goals

Positioning is a strategy that crystalizes your strengths, weaknesses, unique talent and values and how they differentiate you from others. You need to do this work in order to create a personal brand that accurately and authentically represents you, your message, and your goals. Your personal brand must convey your unique value proposition to the world, establish trust and credibility, and attract others who recognize the value you bring to the table. We’ll work through your mindset (including money mindset) needed to leap over the hurdles of limiting beliefs, fear, stagnation, and the failure-to-act syndrome.

Speak for Success

Packaging and Promoting Your Expertise

If you’re a speaker, author, politician, making media appearances, or want to improved your overall presentation skills, this program is for you. It’s an unfortunate reality that you are going to judged about the value of your content and your quality abilities based on your visual representation. A well-packaged, polished, and well-presented image will keep people focused what you have to offer instead of being distracted by how you show up. We’ll work not only work on the 5 P’s of your visual brand but identify your signature talk and improve your skills.


Impact for Success

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

First impressions are lasting impressions. It’s about the visual impact you have on others without saying a word. It’s about an outward reflection of your internal brilliance. Your image is the lens through which the world sees you so you need to be in control of the message you’re communicating. If you need to develop, redefine, modernize or upgrade your professional image to improve your confidence and be the best version of you, then you need this program.


Elevate for Success

Executive Coaching for Premier Leaders

This custom-designed program is designed for the high-achieving women ready to take leaps in their organization or business. These women receive the ultimate in personalized attention and includes elements of the other programs. Additional support and help needed to create an image management program that includes enhanced presentation, leadership, navigating organizational culture, executive presence, and communication skills.


The Brand YOU Success Program

The Brand YOU Success Program is a comprehensive program of trainings and exercises that will show you how to position, package and promote yourself for success as you define it. This program provides the tools you need to build the foundational support system for your business…your personal brand. It’s what differentiates those who achieve their goals and those who waste time, money, and resources working on the wrong things and in the wrong order.

What’s included:

  • 2 hour discovery session
  • 10/2 hour intensive sessions focusing on:
    • Positioning: Clarity, messaging and goals
    • Packaging: Confidence, appearance, communication and presentation skills
    • Promoting: Digital footprint, branded website, content, self-promotion
  • Visual Authority Package: Color, Body Archetype, Procurement
  • Unlimited email access
  • 4 Hours of Follow-up
  • The Brand You Success Program is a 9-month program

Apply for The Brand YOU Success Program

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