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Happy Anniversary…..to Me!

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

Time surely does fly by when you’re having an absolute blast! I can’t belive that it’s been two years since I started by blog and launched my new business. I’ve learned soooo much these past two years, mostly about myself, and had the pleasure to do some incredible work.

When I launched my blog and my image practice in November of 2014 I wondered if it was smart for me start a new venture s0 close to the end of the year. I decided to go for it since my launch coincided with my 50th birthday. It made sense to me to do something momentous on such a significant birthday. It must have been perfect timing because within a month I had paid speaking gig and my blog was very well received.

Enter the Curvy Older Woman
Photo: Erica J Mitchell | Jacket/Pant: Eloquii | Shoes: Michael Kors | Short Sleeve Turtleneck: Lane Bryant (similar)
The current iteration of my business was actually an evolution from a previous

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

business in which I focused more on accessories, both retail and styling. However, launching a blog was both a new and frighting thing for me. I wanted my blog to focus on the intersection of age and weight and provide a platform for women who are often ignored in my industry. Even with my intention, I initially felt I was to curvy and mostly two old to share how I rocked my day-t0-day looks. Afterall, who would want to see how I put outfits together? Who needs my perspective on how to create a visual brand and rock your authentic style? Well luckily, I was very wrong!

I was immediately met with a number of women thanking me for giving space and voice to 50+ year old women who had a few curves on their body. Many women appreciated my sharing my style and through the years have thanked me for uping their style game and givng them the confidence to show up and show off! Blogging about style, both the trends and classics, has expanded my idea of the concepts of “what’s acceptable” and “age appropriate” fashion. As an image consultant I’ve been taught “the rules” of fashion but I’m ok with breaking a few. It’s important in my opinion, however, to know which rules you’re breaking and why. The goal is always to master your look and not let it master you.

It’s Been Great But You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

It’s been a beautiful and incredible ride these past two years and I’m fired up about the years to come! Here’s a list of the few things I’m proud to have accomplished thus far.

+ 4 Books: Blogging Brillance; The Second Act; Your Clothes Speak; soon to be released Fashion Feng Shui for Life

+ Columnist for the Vancouver Business Journal: Dress Code

+ Huffington Post Blogs

+ Resident Style Expert for the Oregonian

+ Regular Appearanes on AM Northwest Morning Talk Show

+ Presented to Women Around the Country

+ Earning Industry and Professional Recognition

+ Guest blogged, been featured on other blogs, podcasts, and radio shows

+ Worked with a number of fabulous and incredible men and women!

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

It’s been helluva year! On deck for next year are live retreats, workshops, webinars, courses, and an expansion back into corporate arenas and international work!

Stay Up to Date

Be sure to subscribe to my blog, follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and if your schedule is clear, join me on January 7, 2017. I’m hosting my first every Soul, Style + Success Retreat for the high-achieving woman who wants more out of her life and her business.

Thank You!

Photo by Erica J Mitchell

With all of my heart and with everything I have, THANK YOU for following me, supporting me and being on this journey with me! You are appreciated more than you know!

Happy TWO YEAR Anniversary to Evolve Image Consulting!! Here’s to YEAR THREE!

Live, laugh, Shine!

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