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We all probably fuss more than we need to over what we consider our figure flaws. In truth we could all be happier if we focused more on what makes our bodies feel great in clothes. Consider my last blog on the habits of the highly stylish. Stop finding fault with your body. Instead, learn how to dress your body to feel more at ease and relaxed. Your body deserves to feel good and look good in clothes. Here’s a few fit solutions to help you do that.

Do you wish for the appearance of a longer neck?

You can create the illusion of a longer neck by wearing a V-neck blouse, dress or sweater. Wear a collarless sweater or top and create a deep V with a long pendant. Avoid thick turtlenecks and short necklaces like chokers. If you have long hair, wear your hair up off your neck.

Do your boobs need more room?

Blouses with extended shoulders will create ease over the bosom. Create diagonal lines across a full bust with a crossover, wrap, or surplice blouse. Avoid tops with sleeves that end at the same line as the fullest part of the bust.

Do you want to create ease for your upper arms?

Try wearing garments with deeper arm whole cuts, raglan sleeves or dolman sleeves. Choose fabrics that are non-clinging and not shiny which will bring more emphasis, not less, to the upper arm. Avoid fabrics that have a lot of bulk or stiffness to them. 

Do you feel self-conscious about your waistline?

Softly fitted garments like shifts, chemises, and blouson waists will accommodate a thicker waistline. Wear clothing pieces that bypass the waist such as a longer tunic or tunic vest over a slim t-shirt, but be careful about wearing tunics over a curvy body. Straight lines on a curve can sometimes create more bulk. To create the illusion of a waist, wear a blouse belted at the waist, but wear a jacket or cardigan over. If a jacket and a blouse sound bulky to you, make the blouse a sleeveless one.

Is your tummy getting in the way of your fashion statement?

While I’m an advocate of displaying your #vbo (visible bellow outline), not everyone is. I get it. Swing jackets, if they don’t make you look matronly and you style them correctly, can be your friend. Use them over a slimmer pant for a balanced look. Proportions are key. Additionally I’m a big advocate for tucking and belting. When you create a beautiful waistline, the eye is drawn to that area and NOT the tummy area. Yes, it sounds counter intuitive I know, but it works! Your waist is the smallest part of your torso, so why not show it off.

If your tummy area is more pronounced (for example you have more of a figure that resembles an apple,  you’ll want to avoid belts that cinch too tight because in this case your stomach will protrude out more. Wear pants or skirts that don’t have a waistband and sit on the higher part of your hip instead of your waist. Dusters over a loose top can elongate the body and draw attention away from the tummy.

Are slim pants making your thighs appear to be bigger than they are?

If you have a heavier thigh, you have several possible pant styles to consider. A boot cut or flared pant can balance a fuller thigh. Pleated pants are in style, just be sure the ones you get have plenty of ease over your thighs. Skirts are a fabulous option, and particularly are my favorite, especially a pencil skirt made from a stretch fabric. A cropped jacket over a fuller skirt gives you shape while still creating ease for your thicker thighs.

Is your long torso making your legs look short?

Choose a high waisted pant and tuck a blouse into them. This look will elongate your legs. Add a heel for more length. Avoid wearing garments with dropped waistlines or long jackets or pants that have big, low pocket details. Pushed up sleeves give the leg a longer line. Avoid medium length jackets that cut the body in half. Short jackets are better.


Studies show that when you were ill-fitted or outdated clothing it impacts your perceived competence, knowledge, and abilities. Since 93% of  communication is based on what you see, your appearance becomes significant.  Do these fashion fixes confuse you? Are you afraid to try these on your own? Not sure where to begin so you don’t get it wrong? Don’t worry, I can help you.

Schedule a Confident Image Mastery Strategy Session and over 30 minutes I’ll help you get crystal clear on what you need, uncover hidden challenges that may be holding you back, and knowing your next best step. Your income and earning potential are closely tied to your confidence level and self-worth. I’m here to take the lid off of your limiting beliefs so you can go as far as you want to go!

Live, laugh, and confidently shine!


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