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Exhale the Bullshit & Reclaim Your Crown

By Carol

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I recently did a Facebook Live and shared how our limiting beliefs are keeping us from reaching our goals and dreams. For me it all boiled down to the bullshit we’ve been fed and inhaled over the years. I came to this revelation when I saw a meme that said, “Exhale the Bullshit”. It sat with me for days and then I just started writing. Writing about the bullshit, how to recognize, what blinds us to it, and how to overcome it. My few simple thoughts led to a 20-page ebook!

My purpose and passion is to help women to embrace their significance, package their brilliance, and share it with the world. Through innovative and cutting-edge solutions I help women disrupt the status quo and step into their authentic purpose so they can change the world. After all, that’s what we’re here to do.

The Video

I’ve attached the Facebook Live video here in case you’re not yet following me there. Here you’ll hear more about my thoughts on the subject and why it’s so important to me that you get this message share with you in love.

Get Your Free Guide

Get my FREE guide The 8 Limiting Beliefs That Are Blocking Your Path To Success and work through the 11 steps to exhale the bullshit and inhale greater confidence and success. In the guide I also share information on how you can get your hands on my 20-page manifesto. In the book I share proven steps based on human development theorists that will help you to release fear, overwhelm, and guilt and start to the process of gaining unstoppable confidence.

You are a queen and it’s time that you reclaimed your crown.

Live, laugh, shine!

Carol 😉

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