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By Carol

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Creating Capsule Wardrobes

Capsule wardrobes have been around since Susie Faux coined the phrase in the 1970s. With a move toward 10, 20, and 30 piece wardrobes and a minimalistic approach to dressing, capsule wardrobes have taken on a new meaning. Many people struggle with pulling a capsule wardrobe together primarily because they have a hodge podge of pieces in their closet that don’t make sense. But before we go into that, let me provide a working definition for you.

There are a few definitions out there so I’ll go ahead and add mine. A capsule wardrobe is:

A collection of 20-40 coordinated and versatile pieces that allow you to create a mini wearable wardrobe for a period of time.

Capsule wardrobes are great for traveling because you’ll learn to pack less and get more wear out of what you bring. They also save a lot money because you’re more likely to wear more of what’s in your closet and make fewer purchases. Finally, with a capsule wardrobe you’ll save a lot of time and frustration getting dressed in the morning because in many ways your wardrobe is “pre-planned.”

If you’re not on the minimalist bandwagon and are quite comfortable with your burgeoning closet, then creating mini-capsules in your closet will help with the overwhelm of, “What will I wear today!?!”

How Does It Work?

I wrote a blog post some time ago about the keys to building a capsule wardrobe. There are some great tips in that post which I discussed today on the morning show. However, I’d like to add a few additional considerations when creating capsules in your closet.

First and foremost you have to start with a clean and recently sorted closet. Don’t start creating a capsule with items in your closet that you don’t like, don’t fit, or don’t wear. You will be quickly frustrated trying to put things together. If you need help getting your closet where you’d love it to be, then let’s schedule and appointment to chat. 

Second, you need to know why you want to build a capsule. Do you want to create a few travel capsules for your vacations? Want to make getting ready for work quick and painless? Desiring more use and wear out of your closet? This will make it easier to choose what goes into the capsule and what does not.

Third, use Fashion Feng Shui® to create mini-capsules to support and fuse your essence and intention. Again if you need help, I’m one of 10 Fashion Feng Shui® Master Practitioner’s in the world and would love to be of assistance.

Fourth, don’t forget your accessories: Shoes, Jewelry, Scarves, Jackets/Coats, Belts, Sunglasses, Handbags. Include them in the count for your capsule so you don’t get to this stage of getting dressed and get stuck.

Finally, keep track of what you put together and whether it worked for you. Putting capsules together take some work and only become successful after some trial and error. So be patient with yourself and get use to this new way of working through your closet.

Keys to Making It Work

As I mentioned above, the most important thing is to be is patient with yourself and the process. It’s a new tool, but can be a very useful one. 

Also, commit to stop shopping. Only pick up those pieces you see are missing or lacking in your closet. The idea is for you to get reacquainted with what you ALREADY own. Don’t complicate it by bringing in even more stuff. 

Along with being patient you need to be flexible. Life happens and if you need to make adjustments do it. If you have to keep making adjustments you may need to rethink the capsule you put together in the first place. 

Finally, consider the timeframe in which you’ve built the capsule. I love to create little 30 day mini-capsules that allow me to rotate through a set number of pieces. After that 30 days it gives me time to send things to the cleaners, make repairs, or simple get rid of things that I don’t really love or are no longer working for me.

Overall, have fun with it and just make sure it works for your needs and lifestyle.

Evolve Image on TV

There’s more on my recent segment on AM Northwest.

Need a little help getting started with your capsule? Download my Capsule Wardrobe Planner and feel free to make additional copies as needed to cover your needs.

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