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Eight Cows?

Years ago at a marriage retreat, I heard the story of an Eight Cow Wife. Have you heard the story? In a very brief summary, it’s the story of Johnny, a South Seas trader who offered an unprecedented eight cows to secure the hand of the women he loved but whom everyone thought was homely and undesirable but in the end turned out to be a beautiful, happy woman. The trader was determined to marry the woman he saw seeing something in her that no one, including the woman, didn’t see in herself. He was ridiculed and thought a fool until he returned the village with his wife and everyone was overwhelmed by her beauty. When asked why he did what he did, the Johnny said:

“Do you ever think,” he asked reflectively, “what it does to a woman when she knows that the price her husband has paid is the lowest price for which she can be bought? And then later, when all the women talk, as women do, they boast of what their husbands paid for them. One says four cows, another maybe six. How does she feel–the woman who was sold for one or two? This could not happen to my Sarita.”

“I wanted Sarita to be happy, yes, but I wanted more than that. You say she’s different from the way they remember her in. This is true. Many things can change a woman. Things that happen inside, things that happen outside. But the thing that matters most is what she thinks about herself. In her village, Sarita believed she was worth nothing. Now she knows that she is worth more than any other woman on the islands.”

“I wanted to marry Sarita. I loved her and no other woman. I wanted an eight-cow wife.” (Source)

Application for Entrepreneurs
I’ve always been intrigued by this story and the implications for self-esteem and knowing your self-worth. We could all use someone in our corner who believes in us that deeply and unconditionally. I’m blessed to have my God, my faith, and my husband that continue to fuel my self-assurance. However, what’s most important is how I feel about myself and my business. There’s so much more to the story than just a tale of man’s love for his wife. I believe there are lessons that can be used as fundamental building blocks for achieving entrepreneurial success. Here are the five keys I’ve gleaned from this story on how to become an eight-cow entrepreneur.

Eight Cow Entrepreneur

  • Clarity – It’s critical for an entrepreneur to be clear about what the want to do and what they want for their business. Without clarity, you can allow frustrations and disappointments sway you from moving forward and achieving your goals. In the story, Johnny was clear that he wanted Sarita and he set out to make it happen.
  • Confidence – The key aspect of this story is found in the line “but the thing that matters most is what she things about herself.” You must believe in yourself, your vision, and your ability to achieve. Other’s can encourage you and support you but what matters most is what YOU believe about your business and about yourself.
  • Passion – When others doubt you, call you crazy or try to talk you out of doing what you believe is your life’s purpose are you prepared to go the distance? Will your passion fuel and sustain you through the challenging times? Johnny was laughed at and ridiculed for offering so much for Sarita and many tried to talk him out of it. But his passion for Sarita kept him focused on the prize.
  • Image – Perception is reality. How you show up in both your appearance and presence will tell everyone all they need to know about you. Do you want something like the way you look or carry yourself to stop you from achieving the success you desire? What assumptions are people making about you? Everyone made assumptions about Sarita based on how she carried herself in her village. But once she saw herself as an eight-cow wife she improved the way she dressed and how she showed up.
  • Investment – Are you willing to invest eight cows in you and your business? Are you willing to invest in unprecedented amounts (unprecedented for you, it’s not a competition) in business coaching, personal and professional development, support, and other needed resources to advance your message and business? Are you willing to invest the necessary time and commitment? Johnny said he wanted an eight-cow wife. Ask yourself if you want an eight-cow business?

What’s not mentioned in this story is whether or not Johnny did any “due diligence” to determine if Sarita was available or would be a good match for him. However, Johnny strikes me as a wise and thoughtful person, so I have to believe a few inquiries were made. Similarly, with your business, make sure you’ve done the “due diligence.” First, determine if you have a viable and sustainable business idea and model. Make the necessary inquiries of your potential ideal clients and survey your industry. Look for what’s missing out there and what needs are going unfulfilled. Get clear on your values, systems, and purpose and let it guide your actions and you move forward. Once you’ve laid this foundation move forward as an eight-cow entrepreneur.

Do you need help in developing an eight-cow entrepreneurial mindset? Do you need help creating an eight-cow image? Contact me HERE for a complimentary strategy session and share this on your favorite social media channels. Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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