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How to Create Good Habits

By Carol

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Do you feel constantly challenged by nagging bad habits that creep in every time you try to start something new or go after a goal? It’s really challenging to change bad habits, particularly when they are in reaction to a fear, doubt or insecurity. And there’s nothing like starting a new business to bring up all of your fears, doubts and insecurities.

The good news is that with awareness comes the opportunity to make changes. While I haven’t broken all of my bad habits, I’ve happily developed some new ones that keep me moving in the right direction. However, good habits can be as hard to keep too.

I’m sharing an amazing article that highlights some of the best TED talks on creating habits that will help you achieve your goals.

Tim Ferriss’ talk on fear-setting instead of goal-setting is revolutionary.

Mel Robbins talks about the danger of the F-word…fine.

Judson Brewer suggest that we be curious about the obstacles we erect that keep us from accomplishments.

Finally, Sarah Lewis says we need to embrace the near wins, those little victories that are achieved on the way to success.

Watch Here

You can read more and watch each talk by clicking on the link below.


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