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Create a Lasting Impression

By Carol

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Q: What’s the big deal about creating a lasting impression?

There are numerous reasons to consider the difference it can make to you and others when you dress with the intention of creating a lasting impression. Let’s review a few possibilities.

You just got a job that’s going to put you in the public eye. Where you used to walk around incognito, now it’s more important to ditch the Gap jeans and navy T-shirts that were perfect for your Mom wardrobe and step it up a notch even when you’re not at work. Your reputation benefits from looking sharp…always.

You’re going through a transition.You’re recently divorced or retired or you’ve downsized to a home in a new community. Or you were a high powered exec who recently had a baby and have chosen to stay home. You knew how to dress in your old life, but things have changed. In this new chapter of your life, what would you want people to know about you before you even open your mouth to speak? You’re creative, fun to be with, excited about life? Dressing in gray sweats won’t tell that story. Convey your new message in your outfit. Consistency will set the tone for this new phase of your life.

You’ve gone for years taking care of the important things: finances, estate planning, getting your kids through college, managing a household. You haven’t much thought about the impression you’re putting out there in the world. It’s not unusual for woman to go years neglecting their needs. Time to turn that around. It’s a sign of self-respect to take care of you. Dress in a way that pleases you. 

Q: What are some ways I could dress to make a lasting impression?

Avoid sinking to the lowest level of dressing. Our lives have gotten more casual but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress in a meaningful way. If you hit the gym first thing in the morning you’ll be in your workout clothes. But when that activity is over, change into an outfit. Stand out from the crowd. This is good! There may be people and opportunities that come into your life that wouldn’t have if you were in your yoga pants. Dress each day with intention to raise your energy level.

Think about ways to do the unexpected. If you’re going to a black tie event, swap out your Little Black Dress and wear something in a flattering color that’s not black. Or wear tuxedo pants instead of a cocktail dress.

Introduce a distinguishing detail to your look. Maybe it’s time for a distinctive haircut or a brighter lipstick color. Updating your shoes from what’s comfortable to what’s comfortable and fashionable could change your whole look. Maybe you’ll be that person who always gets compliments on your shoes.

Use accessories on a regular basis. Some clients have started to enjoy wearing more than one bracelet at a time or more than one necklace at a time. If you’ve always loved scarves it could be time to think about wearing them most days of the week. Delve into whatever delights you. Do more of what you already enjoy.

If you get a look together once in awhile, consider making that happen 50% of the time. And if you’ve been putting thought into how you dress on a part-time basis, consider making it more full-time. There really is so much enjoyment that can come from caring about your appearance.

Q: Where can I find help to make some changes that will lead to creating a lasting impression?

I’m here to offer you my expertise. From easy tips to simple changes, I can help you either tweak what you’re doing now or go deeper and help you realize your personal style and show you how you can dress in a way that enhance your confidence, position you for success, and brings you pleasure every day. 

If you’re ready take charge of your life and invest in you, then let’s chat!

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