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Change Your Self-Talk, Change Your Life

Every second of the day, you are affirming some “truths” to yourself. Many of those affirmations are negative “truths” that, consequently, affect your happiness in a bad way. That is because what you affirm the most you believe and when you believe all the negative things you say to yourself, your day and your life […]

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Get Ready for Spring with These 10 Fashion Pairings

Ready for spring? As you get out of your wool turtlenecks and warm gloves, watching spring roll in may give you a moment of panic. What do you wear when you come out of hibernation? Here are a few fashion pairings that can ease you into the spring/summer season in style! 1. Crinkled scarves and […]

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Holiday Looks on AM Northwest

I’m back on AM Northwest showcasing three fabulous holiday looks for the winter seasons. Right now the big trends this season are lace, velvet and sequin. But truly it’s all about the bling this season. I’ve brought on three models that will give you some style inspiration no matter your size, age, or occasion. Check […]

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Color Trends for the Fall Season

Color Trends One of the key things I tell my clients is, “when your color is in season, go shopping!” The fall color palette has a beautiful array of colors that have warm, deep, and soft tones. Here’s a review of the colors Pantone spotted on the runways for the fall and winter season. Which […]

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Fall Trend Report: Embroidery

Top Fall Trend You saw this trend take flight last fall and it is in full effect for Fall 2017. The beautiful weave and pattern of embroidery has been used for centuries but has become quite popular after Gucci  populated their runway with embroidered items. Whether subtle or bold, there are tons of options available […]

3 Keys to Maximizing Your Image

I wrote for LinkedIn entitled The R.O.I. on YOUR Image. I’m sharing that article here because I feel it shares important information for those who are entrepreneurs, speakers, and executives. When you consider individuals you admire, look up to, or even want to emulate you will probably notice that they take pride in their image. […]

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AM Northwest Segment: Top 10 Spring & Summer Trends for 2017

I had the fortunate pleasure of appearing again on AM Northwest today and talked with host Helen Raptis about the hot trends for the spring and upcoming summer. Watch the segment below and catch the 10 tops trends to look for this season. AM Northwest Segment Top 10 Trends Overall the theme of current trend […]

No Heels Allowed: The Return of the Sensible Shoe

No Heels Allowed I’ve noticed a fabulous trend in women’s shoes over the last six months…the reemergence of the beautiful stylish and classic sensible shoe. It’s a welcomed trend and one I’m hoping will be a mainstay for years to come. Personally, I’ve come to grips with the fact that I can’t wear anything above […]

Quick Menswear Guide for the 40+ Wardrobe

Can Your Wardrobe Use an Update? What if you could morph from Dad to Rad Dad with just a small tweak to your wardrobe? If you’re retired and not ready to take on the “old guy” persona, what if you were transformed into The Cool Guy with a subtle change of clothes? What if the […]