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No Heels Allowed: The Return of the Sensible Shoe

No Heels Allowed I’ve noticed a fabulous trend in women’s shoes over the last six months…the reemergence of the beautiful stylish and classic sensible shoe. It’s a welcomed trend and one I’m hoping will be a mainstay for years to come. Personally, I’ve come to grips with the fact that I can’t wear anything above […]

Quick Menswear Guide for the 40+ Wardrobe

Can Your Wardrobe Use an Update? What if you could morph from Dad to Rad Dad with just a small tweak to your wardrobe? If you’re retired and not ready to take on the “old guy” persona, what if you were transformed into The Cool Guy with a subtle change of clothes? What if the […]

Your Fall Guide on Wearing Prints

What’s Great About Prints? This month I’ve been having fun wearing prints. In the fashion world, prints have gotten louder, bigger, and bolder. Now fashion designers are sending models down the runway layering multiple outlandish prints in one outfit. To some these bold prints can seem cluttered, chaotic, and over-stimulating making you wonder who would […]

How to wear a slinky brand

How I Wear…The Slinky Brand

This week on How I Wear I’m featuring this 2pc tunic set I picked up on my new favorite shopping spot HSN. If you’re familiar with the Travelers collection at Chico’s, this no-wrinkle lightweight jersey knit is very similar. This two piece set is super comfortable, easy to wear, and has a sophisticated look. The […]

New Day Northwest

Evolve Image on TV at New Day Northwest

“Look Ma, I’m on TV!” I’m extremely excited to share that last Monday, August 10th, 2015 marked Evolve Image’s (and moi’s) very first TV appearance! Special thanks goes out to the New Day Northwest team for inviting me to share about one of my signature services Fashion Feng Shui. They were awesome! And of course, […]

How I Wear….Mixed Prints

  Today on How I Wear….I’m rocking mixed prints! I’m mixing stripes, window pane, and ikat prints all in one outfit. I must say, it’s probably one of my all time favorite combinations. This mixed print combination works for three (3) key reasons: (a) it’s a uniformed/same color palette (each piece is black and white), […]

Wardrobe Hack: The SkinnyShirt

Have you always admired that shirt-under-a-sweater but when you tried the look you just looked bulky and messy? I’ve felt that way with every attempt so I’ve abandoned the idea of the look for me. However, this little invention changed everything for me. Today on the blog I’m sharing about one of my recent finds, […]

How I Wear…Red, White & Blue

Happy 4th of July! Today I’m bringing you a “special red, white & blue edition” of How I Wear in honor of Indepdence Day. What I love about this look is that it’s easy to pull together, the accessories do all the talking, and it’s something I could wear anytime. Yes, I was one of […]