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Solving Closet Mysteries – Part 2

Closet Solutions Continued I’m back with another closet mystery. Buying an item on trend like wide leg pants or culottes can be tricky to incorporate into your closet. But what about a bold color that you picked up because you thought you need a little more color in your closet? That can be not only […]

Solving Closet Mysteries – Part 1

Closet Mysteries More often than not you have a few pieces hanging in your closet that you’re not using and maybe even questioning why they’re there. The clothes in your closet are often clues into how you see and feel about yourself. There’s also some clues in there about your true style and you’d love […]

Holiday Lace

The Beauty of Lace. Are you a lace girl? Do you love the intricate, feminine, and delicate nature of the fabric? Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of lace. It’s not because I don’t find it beautiful and, in some cases, ethereal, it’s because it’s just not my style. I do however love eyelet lace which […]

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31 Day Clarity, Closet & Confidence Challenge

31 Days Are you ready to get a jump start on 2017 before the year even starts? As of today we only have 31 days left in 2016! Just 31 days. That’s how much time we have before we embark upon a new year. A year of hope, promise, change, growth, and so much more. […]

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Dressing for Holiday Events

Holiday Dressing My Attire: Poncho (similar), Eloquii, Nordstrom I was back on AM Northwest today sharing a few holiday tips and style inspirations. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day there are a number of holiday parties and events to attend. Your clothing options and choices can get a bit overwhelming. Since you’re likely to get […]

Stand Tall: The Strength of the Power Pose

Power posing or power postures can, in fact, contribute to your achieving business success. Research has shown that our bodies change our minds and our minds can change our behavior, and our behavior can change our outcomes. Upright, open, and powerful power stances (think Wonder Woman or Beyonce) can lift your confidence, reduce stress, and […]

Show Up and Show Off with a Little Edge

Are you an executive, entrepreneur, or resident rebel at heart? If you are it’s time to take it to the next level and gain a visual advantage with a little edge. When you look around, do you spot people who have that something-something that makes you take notice? You may think to yourself, there’s someone […]

Quick Guide to Fashion Vocabulary – Pt. 1

When you hear about the latest trends and the fashion vocabulary the fashion gurus use are you confused? Do you wonder what they mean and where they come up with these phrases? What about when you see a new name for a trend you wore 20 years ago? I know, it can be crazy making, […]

How I Wear…Ruby Ribbon Red

. Ruby Ribbon Red About a year ago I heard about this amazing new shapewear company named Ruby Ribbon, which I shared with you in my shapewear post a few months ago. I actually liked it so much I decided to rep the product to make it available for my image clients.  What I didn’t […]

How I Wear….Mixed Prints

  Today on How I Wear….I’m rocking mixed prints! I’m mixing stripes, window pane, and ikat prints all in one outfit. I must say, it’s probably one of my all time favorite combinations. This mixed print combination works for three (3) key reasons: (a) it’s a uniformed/same color palette (each piece is black and white), […]