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Books That Will Change Your Business & Your Life

I love books. When I grew up there were only four channels on tv so as I kid I was either outside or lost inside of a great book. English literature was my favorite so Shakespeare’s plays, Jane Austin’s heroines, and the Bronte’s poems and stories filled my day. I was curious about the world […]

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Tap Into Your Past to Discover Your Purpose

When we grow up we tend to get told that the world is the way that it is and that our life should go as follows…go to school and get good grades, go to college, get a nice job, get married, have kids, save a little money to retire etc… I call BS! Life doesn’t […]

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Building a Positive Money Mindset

How do you look at money? Do you have shiny object syndrome. Are some things just hard to resist—especially when your friends and colleagues are all jumping on board! New tools, training, group coaching programs or new shoes, designer bags, or the latest fashion can all have a strong pull. If you aren’t careful, these shiny […]

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Mistakes Are The Learning Blocks of Life

You’ve heard of the phrase, “live and learn” right? Well there’s a reason this phrase is so popular. It’s because it’s true. However, while we believe in the veracity of the statement, we don’t often like the lessons life throws our way. We could live without the mistakes, trials and challenges but it is through […]

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4 Questions to Figure Out Your Purpose

Recently I came upon a Japanese concept called “Ikigai” that presented to me by my mentor Marissa Murgatroyd.  Translated it means “the reason for being” or as we like to say…your purpose. It’s believed that when you discover your ikigai you’ll find your purpose in life. I learned about this concept in the context of […]

Visualization: An Important Step to Realize Your Dreams

I’m a big proponent of vision boards and visualizing what you want in order to achieve it. A clear vision coupled with clarity, faith, confidence and focused action will set you on the path to success. But clarity is key. Want to quit your soul sucking day job in favor of the freedom of self-employment, […]

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The Path to Freedom

Today is Independence Day, a declaration of freedom. I remember moments in my life when I felt free. Like the day I moved on campus and away from home when I started college. The day I moved into my first apartment. Or the day I moved across country to start a new life. Each of […]

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Change Your Self-Talk, Change Your Life

Every second of the day, you are affirming some “truths” to yourself. Many of those affirmations are negative “truths” that, consequently, affect your happiness in a bad way. That is because what you affirm the most you believe and when you believe all the negative things you say to yourself, your day and your life […]

carol parker walsh career transition

How to Create Good Habits

Do you feel constantly challenged by nagging bad habits that creep in every time you try to start something new or go after a goal? It’s really challenging to change bad habits, particularly when they are in reaction to a fear, doubt or insecurity. And there’s nothing like starting a new business to bring up […]

carol parker walsh career transition

The Power of Being Unapologetically You

I love inspirational songs, books, and sayings. When I saw Jen Sincero’s You’re A Badass, I had to pick it up. Megan Trainer’s Me Too became my morning alarm (if you don’t know it, listen to the chorus). I love Katy Perry’s Roar and This Is Me from the Greatest Showman brings a tear to my […]