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AMNW TV Appearance – Creating a Confident Closet

By Carol

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Confident Closet

It’s that time of year again. That time to go through your closet and assess what’s still working for you, what’s not, and how to replace it. If this is the first time you’ve done a deep dive into your closet then you’ll want to start from scratch…meaning pull everything out and start from the beginning. If your closet is in pretty good shape, then you can just examine your spring and summer wear and make the necessary adjustments.

Today I appeared on AMNW and shared several tips and ways to work through the three phases of creating an efficient confident closet. Because I LOVE acronyms, I’ve created a few to help you remember how to create a closet you love.

Closet Prep – E.D.I.T.

  • E = Everything Out
    • Take everything out of your closet. Add additional storage, look for shelves that need repair, and clean and vacuum out your closet. You can also add a fragrance, new lighting, or anything else that will make your closet a wonderful place to visit each morning. 
  • D = Determine Your Go, Stay, Repair Piles 
    • Use either storage bins, or what I prefer, black garbage bags to take out the “go” items. If they’re in a black bag you’re less likely to see something in there and pull it back out.
  • I = Inventory What You Have
    • Use the 5 F’s to determine what to keep:
      • Fit: Does it fit your body NOW
      • Feel: Does it feel amazing on you and do you LOVE it
      • Frauds: Does it represent WHO YOU ARE NOW authentically? If your style or look has shifted or changed then consider blessing and releasing it so someone else can benefit from your good taste
      • Frequency: Keep those things you DO & CAN wear often and are staples in your wardrobe
  • T = Take Out the Go and Repair Piles
    • Don’t let grass grow under your “go” pile. Take it out of your house as soon as possible.

Closet Organization – M.O.V.E.

  • M = Manage Your Space
    • The best way to do this is to use velvet hangers. They save space, clothing won’t slide off nor will they leave marks or indentations in your shoulders. The key is to find good ones and I absolutely love Joy’s Huggable velvet hangers because they come in a variety of colors AND you can get great deals when buying in bulk.  
  • O = Organize Using Storage Accessories
    • Use plastic boxes to organize your shoes and keep them dust free. Also under bed storage bins are great to store winter sweaters, boots, and coats. 
  • V = Visibility
    • Position things in your closet so you can easily see them and readily find them. Use belt and scarf hangers and hang them behind the door or on the wall in your closet. Also use over the door shoe organizers to store scarves, tanks, belts, and camisoles. 
  • E = Easy and Accessible
    • Arrange your closet by color or energy to make it easy to access and create new pairings to keep your choices current and updated.

Closet Maintenance – A.B.C.

  • A = Let clothes air out after wear
    • Hang them in the laundry room or in the bathroom so you’re not getting fragrances mixed in with the rest of your clothing. Also move them to the “back of the line” in your closet so you give other items in your closet a chance to be worn.
  • B = Become aware of what you’re NOT wearing
    • Hang all your clothing backward (with the hook facing you) in your closet. After six months or one year, notice if it’s still that way. If so assess whether it needs to stay or go. There’s no need to keep things that you no longer really want or need in your closet. 
  • C = Clean and launder as needed
    • If you want your clothes to last you must take care of them. Familiarize yourself with the care labels on your clothing items (and consider this at each purchase).  Launder when and as appropriate and take them to the cleaners when needed.

Watch it Live

That’s it! Here’s the live video where I’m demonstrating the various items I discussed above.

Thanks for watching and continue to follow me on the blog and on social media (Instagram & Facebook).

Live, laugh, shine!

Carol 😉

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