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AM Northwest – Wardrobe Hacks

By Carol

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I’m back on AM Northwest today sharing a few hacks that I use to help both myself, and my clients, look and feel amazing!

Today I’m sharing my favorite wardrobe hacks. These can be life savers when your shoes and clothes are being less than cooperative. Next to good and varied shapewear (which everyone needs) these wardrobe hacks need to be on hand and ready to spring into action when needed. Stains, blisters, deodorant marks, or fitting issues can make your clothes really hard to deal with. When you’re on the go who wants to spend all day in discomfort or disarray? With that in mind, I shared a few on AM Northwest, but am extending that list for you now!

Hacks For Your Feet

1.Paper Flexible Surgical Tape – Great to wrap around your heels or toes, or any other place where you are prone to get blisters from your shoes. Runners have used this technique for years and studies have found that this simple, and relatively cheap product, can significantly reduce blisters. Nexcare is a popular brand but you should feel free to get a generic tape like I displayed in the video.

2. Blisstick – If you don’t want to wrap your tootsies you can use blisstick. Blisstick has the consistency of deodorant and you rub it over your feet in the places where you experience the most friction. I rub my entire foot with a bit of vaseline or cocoa butter and then add the blisstick as well as rub the inside of my shoes with blisstick.

Hacks For Your Shoes

3. Pressure Pointz – These little beauties create a pillow of comfort between your skin and the bothersome part of the shoe. In my experience, they work best in the heel of the shoe. When I’ve used them along the top of my shoes or at the toe they tend to move around and not stay in place. So I’ll use that with the surgical tape to keep them in place. Overall I really LOVE the Foot Petals brand and have used all of their products at one time or another. I prefer the gels over the plain cushion and adore the tip toes for the ball of my feet.

4. Happy Feet Insoles –HappyFeet’s insoles are shock absorbent and a medical-grade containing a dynamic fluid technology that will evenly distribute your weight in real-time, giving support to the exact location on the foot that needs it most throughout the step. The fluid inside moves and supports your foot with each step. They are amazing and I talk them with me whenever I travel and will be walking for extended periods.

5. Foot Deodorizer – I spray my shoes after every wear, with the exception of my sandals. Foot spray not only keeps your shoes fresh it prevents mold from developing in your boots and shoes. Since I don’t often wear socks with my shoes my feet tend to sweat.  So it’s important that I protect my shoes and feet, so I spray them after each wear. I have colleagues who use tea bags to absorb any moisture and to freshen up their shoes. However, you have to use several tea bags per shoe and since I’m a tea drinker I’d rather not waste my tea bags.

Hacks For Under Your Clothes

6. Petals – Petals provide a bit of shaping as well as some discrete coverage. They’re soft and fit perfectly inside of your bra or shelf of your cami. If you prefer to have a nipple concealer that sticks over the nipple, I love Hollywoods N0 Show concealers.

7. Underarm Shields – If you tend to sweat then you need to invest in these disposable shields. They fit easily in your top, don’t create a bulge, and are comfortable to wear. They  also won’t leave a film when you remove them at the end of the day. When I wear something sleeveless I cut the shield in half and apply just on the inside of my top or dress.

8. Bandelettes – These beauties were featured at New York Fashion Week. Bandelettes’ lace thigh bands protect your thighs from chafing. Non-slip silicone helps keep them in place (please avoid using body lotions, oils or talcum powder, which reduce the friction and effectiveness of the silicone).

9. Sleevey Wonder – You can transform your outfit into something entirely different with these slip-on sleeves. They’re made to wear under your sleeveless tops and dresses for women who don’t want to show their arms OR want to create a different  looks with their outfit. They come in a variety of colors, fabric (lace or sheer), sleeve length, and sleeve type.

10. Undercover Shirts & Skinny Shirts – Get the look of a collared shirt without the bunchiness and bulk. These shirts help you avoid the ripples and bulges you get when you wear a button-front shirt under a sweater, dress or any top layer. They also have built in shapewear that’s stretchy and comfortable to hold you just right. I LOVE these and the look it creates without having to wear a full shirt under my sweater.

Hacks For Your Clothes

11. Mini Lint Roller – Ok, so who doesn’t have a lint roller? The beauty of mini lint rollers is that you can through them in your purse and go. I find that I can pull out my lint roller multiple times during the day or evening. Sometimes the white napkin at dinner leaves lint on my black dress or pants, or the chair I’m sitting in doesn’t gel with my outfit, or there’s animal hair on the couch of my neighbor’s dinner party. Lint roller to the rescue!

12. Stain Removal Pen –  I travel quite a bit so having a stain removing pen has been a necessity, particularly because I repeat items in my capsule. When eating on the go it’s easy to spill. Since you don’t want the stain to set, applying the pen immediately will stop the process.  You’ll preserve your garment and extend the wearability.


And there you have it! Twelve wardrobe hacks that will keep you looking amazing with a worry free outfit.

Would like to learn more hacks or needs support in creating a wardrobe worthy of these little tips and tricks? Schedule a FREE session with me TODAY!!

Live, laugh and confidently shine!

Carol 😉

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