Age Is Just A Number

By Carol

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In the 1990s when I decided to wait until my 30s to start having my kiddos, people wondered if I was starting a little late for my age. When I went back to school to get my PhD in my early 40s I was asked if I was concerned about changing my career at my age. At 50 when I decided to become an entrepreneur and leave a lucrative and successful career, admittedly even I thought, “Am I too old for this?”

Now on the precipice of my 54th birthday, I’m being celebrated by Chicos together with a movement (Forever Fierce) that is changing the conversation and idea of what it means to be midlife.

In fact, a study published in Population and Development Review noted, “Your true age is not just the number of years you have lived. It also includes characteristics such as health, cognitive function, and disability rates”.

And are you ready for this….a Danish study found that your perceived age is a better indicator of your true age. That’s right, if you look and feel young you are young.

The Aging Mindset

We live in a binary society that forces us to categorize things into one of two buckets. It’s either up or down, yes or no, right or wrong, black or white, and yes, young or old. Societal norms have also decided what is old and what is young, even though the above studies show that the determination is NOT based on a number.

The real question is what do you believe? What are you not allowing for yourself because you think you’re too old? Or believe what you desire, want to wear, or want to do is not available or appropriate for someone your age?

Aging is a mindset. Look at 83 year old Dorrie from Senior Style Bible who embodies the concept that age is just a number.

Listen, going through menopause, having arthritis, advanced eye glass prescriptions, graying hair and indescribable aches and pains let’s me know that my physical body is aging. However, that doesn’t mean I’m throwing in the towel and calling it quits. And neither should you. Stop living your life on hold or thinking your life is behind you. You have so much more to give even if it’s just one more day of love, laughter and excitement.

I’m blessed to work with amazing women who are in midlife who struggle with their confidence and belief that they can still live their best life. When we break down the narrative playing in their head, it’s exciting for me when they come out of hiding and share their purpose and passion with the world. Is it time for you come out of the shadows and into the light?? Reach out to me if you’d like some support on your journey.

Chicy Blinders

carol parker walsh forever fierce

The Forever Fierce Chicy Blinders Crew

I was recently cast by ForeverFierce Media (headed by Catherine Grace O’Connell) to shoot a commercial for Chicos to support their new campaign “We’re Not Older, We’re Bolder” and it was an amazing experience.

Chicos is celebrating women of all ages. Women who aren’t bound by external ideas of age but are embracing their significance, coloring outside the line, and living life on their terms. I’m so proud to be an ambassador of this movement.

On Wednesday, April 4th at 10am PST, 1pm EST we went live!  The Forever Fierce Community is made up of a group of women who believe in inspiring other women to see themselves as ageless and forever relevant. This commercial was produced by a female owned production company, a female Hollywood Director, and a cast of incredible real women … all over 50!

Next Steps

Our mission and goal is to reach 1 million views around the world so join and share the fun!

Follow me on my Facebook Page to continue the party and celebration!

Thanks for joining the revolution!

Live, laugh, and confidently shine!


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