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Carol Parker Walsh

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“Carol’s incredibly intelligent, intuitively interactive, and resourceful!” ~ K.S.
"I didn’t really know what my style was at the beginning but through this process Carol helped me to find a look that really captured who I am and want to be."
~ Wade W., Account Executive

Hi, I’m Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, and I’m NOT your typical image consultant.

Actually, I’m much more than an image consultant.

I’m a nationally recognized, award-winning business owner, brand ambassador, best-selling author, regular TV contributor, former practicing attorney and highly-educated (I’m talking multiple masters and a PhD) wife and mother of 2.

But for brevity’s sake, I prefer Confidence Image Coach, visual branding goddess, NLP sensei and Licensed Fashion Feng Shui® expert.  😉

And what I do best is help women on the brink {or at the threshold} of change – professionals, entrepreneurs, and women of influence – move to the next level of success by taking hold of their authentic essence, confidence and appearance.

Or as we say around here: Evolve your image.

Nope, I’m NOT (just) on a mission to make women look fiercely stylish. I don’t (just) care about helping you discover your personal style (and whether you should really wear black all the time).

Instead, I bring 25+ years experience as an organizational development and business consultant and over 10 years in fashion industry to the table, to empower you to get what you want through your wardrobe and presence – whether that’s a powerful promotion, a ‘look’ that enhances your brand/business or simply a chance to reinvent yourself.

Because what I know is this: What you wear and how you show up has energy, and once you know how to leverage that energy, anything is possible.

One of my fave examples of this is Wonder Woman. You know how when she changes into her “I’m about to save the world” outfit and everyone who sees her – including herself – knows evil doesn’t stand a chance?

That’s the power of image.

And that’s exactly what I do – help women like you feel crazy confident and look amazing in your clothes, and defeat evil (or, more accurately: get and service your clients more powerfully, get noticed and make an impression at work, and have a life and business you love.)

Because a woman who looks good and feels good does good. And then, the whole world wins!

Why does someone with a law degree and PhD care so much about how you show up in the world (and what you wear while doing it)?

I’m a confidence builder, shopping expert, shoe lover, stress reliever and your partner in all things that will make you feel and look amazing. I’ve been described as your personal style GPS and will help you locate an authentic style you’ll love. Let’s get started!

Carol Parker WalshTruth be told, I’ve always had a natural knack for style. I love clothes and I own more shoes than any one human should..

(What can I say? I get it from my mom – she had an impeccable presentation and wouldn’t even go to the mailbox without pearls or a swipe of red lipstick.)

So for the early part of my life, I was the woman others would ooh and aww over and beg to know where I found my latest pieces. 

Until I wasn’t.

In my 30’s, I went through what I call my ‘dark night of the soul’…and found myself with a failed divorce and living on my own as a single mom. And, sadly, my usual polished, put together and professional self became way too busy, tired (and overweight) to care about her clothes.

For a long time, I was existing on “bare minimum” – barely taking time to pull on a jeans and t-shirt – while I devoted myself to my children, career and life in general.

 I felt – and looked – worse than I ever had.

And my friends echoed this back to me with statements like, “What is wrong with you?” and worse, “What do you have on?” Bless their hearts. 😉

Then, as if my divorce wasn’t enough, I was also involved in a life-shaking accident. That was when I realized life was way too short to not feel (and look) amazing! 

So, I slowly started becoming more conscious of my clothes. Why my clothes? Because they DID NOT match who I knew I truly was on the inside.

And a funny thing happened: When I upgraded my clothes, my confidence also got an upgrade.

So I didn’t only look better than I had in years, I also started really making my mark on the world.

Since then, I’ve run an award-winning jewelry business, coached executives, helped women build impactful businesses, racked up TV and magazine appearances, earned a PhD and launched my own six figure consulting business, just to name a few.

Oh, and not to mention that my kids now regularly comment that I look better and happier, which means I’m inadvertently teaching my kids to leverage their wardrobe for greater confidence and self-esteem….SCORE!

Today, I couldn’t feel more #blessed

I get the spend my days teaching and sharing these truths with other women, and helping them get what they want with their own upgraded image.

So, if you want to:

  • Take a match to your closet because nothing “suits” you anymore
  • Look like Wonder Woman in the eyes of your clients or your employer (although maybe without the spandex, but rather what looks right on you)
  • Teach your employees or your tribe how to leverage their wardrobes to level-up in business
  • Know it’s time to update or upgrade your image so you look (and feel!) more professional, polished and on-brand

Then it’s time to take the next step.

Let’s start your image evolution today.

Live, Laugh, Shine,

Oh, and just in case you want the official stuff ...


  • Two masters degrees in organizational management/behavior & human development
  • JD in employment, labor and contract law
  • PhD in human and social systems (focusing on identity development, self-esteem & self-worth of women)
  • BA in communications

Certifications + Trainings

  • Certified image consultant

  • Certified color consultant

  • Certified corporate consultant
  • Certified and licensed Fashion Feng Shui® Master (one of 10 in the World)

  • Certified master practitioner in Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP)


  • 10 years experience in the fashion industry earning national recognition in business development & leadership from a global direct sales company

  • 25+ years experience in executive level leadership, including a practicing attorney, management & organizational consultant, leadership coach & trainer, graduate & doctoral level professor, director of two academic programs, associate dean, and successfully ran a 6-figure entrepreneurial consulting practice

  • Vice President of Global Marketing for the Association of Image Consultants International
  • Past President of AICI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Features + Publications

  • Two-time #1 Amazon best-selling author

  • Monthly column for the Vancouver Business Journal entitled “Dress Code” and be the local image/style expert for The Oregonian.

  • Regular contributor on ABC/KATU2 AMNW Morning Show

  • Editor-in-Chief of the AICI Global Magazine
  • And lots more!

Certified Image Consultants
Amazon Best Selling Author
E-Womem Speakers Network Pro Member