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That’s what we’ll work on.

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Carol Parker Walsh

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“Carol’s incredibly intelligent, intuitively interactive, and resourceful!” ~ K.S.
"I didn’t really know what my style was at the beginning but through this process Carol helped me to find a look that really captured who I am and want to be."
~ Wade W., Account Executive

Here, status quo is out. The real you is in.

I’m a mom, wife, shoe fanatic, ENFP, big Harry Potter fan, believe love will conquer all, and definitely want world peace.

In other words I’m a real person who happens to have some real skill sets that can help you achieve big things. Oh, and I like to have fun doing it.

I’m also a nationally recognized, award-winning business owner, brand ambassador, best-selling author, regular TV contributor, recovering practicing attorney and highly-educated (I’m talking over educated).

But for brevity’s sake, I prefer Soul Purpose Detective, Personal Branding Goddess, NLP sensei and Licensed Fashion Feng Shui® expert (yep, that’s a thing).  😉

And in addition to positioning forward thinking, high-achieving women for success, I help them ensure their aligned with their own authentic definition of success.  One that’s aligned with their purpose.

Carol Parker Walsh Award

Carol Parker Walsh Kim Coles
"Carol helps you reflect your inner soul on the outside." ~Kim Coles
Carol Parker Walsh Lisa Sasevich
"When you show up for business, you need to make sure you show up well! Business owners can't afford NOT do to this work! ~Lisa Sasevich

Give yourself permission to dream big!

I get you. While I’ve achieved great success in my career and held enviable positions in law, corporate and academia, I felt trapped in a career that I didn’t love and was causing me to die a slow death. I felt like an imposter for most of the time…because, after all, I was. I constantly heard that nagging voice (and my family and friend’s voices) reminding me of all the education I’ve been through and that I was a successful attorney, professor, or dean making good money…so what else could I ask for? The truth is I never knew who Carol was. After a painful divorce, a life altering car accident, and my father’s death I had a sobering thought, “Life is short, is this how I want to live mine?” You see, you can’t pretend to be what you’re not or try to be something others want you to be. Once faced with this reality I began the painful but liberating transformative process of discovering myself.  Through this journey I connected with my truth, embraced who was I was, my significance, and gained clarity on my purpose and my path. I’ve come to learn that without unmasking your authentic self, you can not inspire and impact the lives of others and that’s what we’re here to do.

Carol Parker Walsh

I can change the game for you. I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing, diverse, intriguing, and high-powered individuals who simply wanted to show up fully in their lives, do what they love, and share their purpose with the world. I’ve been called an intuitive GPS, alchemist, and sometimes therapist (no I don’t do therapy) because I see the truth of who you are and can clear a path for you to step into your purpose. The icing on the cake is my ability to position, package, and promote your brilliance to the world.

I studied organizations for a living. I served over 18,000 employees as a management consultant with one of the largest employers in Oregon. Educated as an organizational analyst, I trained, developed and coached new and senior level leaders, conducted work group and team development trainings, facilitated strategic planning retreats, and built diversity programs and initiatives with departmental and academic units. Understanding organizational culture equips me with the unique ability to understand the experiences of my client and help them either successfully navigate and thrive in a variety of settings or find the nearest exit. Only you know if door number one or two is right for you, but I can help you in discovering that choice.

I’ll help you see a new vision of you. Brace yourself….I’m not a stylist and image management is far from it. Your image is about your reputation, your credibility, your ability to connect, and how you make an impact in the world. But if it’s not a representation of who you are, aligned with your purpose, and supports your path in life it doesn’t matter how you show up.  Focusing on your image before discovering who and what you’re meant to do, is like trying to patch a crack in the Hoover Dam with chewing gum. It’s useless. You don’t want a stylist (please stop wasting your time and money), you want someone who understands image but also speaks your language and can help you communicate it with the world.

Ready to be unapologetically you? Your invitation awaits!

And I can’t wait to work with you!

Live, Laugh & Unapologetically Shine,

Oh, and just in case you want the official stuff ...


  • MA in organizational management
  • MA in human development
  • JD in employment, labor and contract law
  • PhD in human and social systems (focusing on structural inequity, identity development, self-esteem & self-worth of women)
  • BA in communications

Certifications + Trainings

  • Master Certified  Life Coach

  • Master Certified NLP Practitioner

  • Certified Image Consultant
  • Certified Corporate Consultant
  • Certified and licensed Fashion Feng Shui® Master (one of 10 in the World)


  • National award and recognition for business & leadership development from a global direct sales company

  • 28+ years experience in executive level leadership, including a practicing attorney, VP of human resources, corporate & organizational consultant, executive coach, associate professor, academic director, associate dean, and head of a 6-figure entrepreneurial consulting practice

  • Vice President of Global Marketing, Branding & Communication for the Association of Image Consultants International
  • Past President of AICI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Features + Publications

  • Two-time #1 Amazon best-selling author

  • Monthly column for the Vancouver Business Journal.

  • Regular contributor on ABC/KATU2 AMNW Morning Show

  • Editor-in-Chief of the AICI Global Magazine
  • And lots more!

Certified Image Consultants
E-Womem Speakers Network Pro Member