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4 #Fierce50 Bloggers to Follow

By Carol

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Meet #Fierce50 Sisters Lesley, Cheryl, Hilda & Cindy!

Happy #Fierce50Friday! I’m so happy, honored, and feeling super sisterly proud to introduce you to some fabulous over 50 bloggers and fashionistas. Each of these women have different styles, philosophies, and perspectives and beautifully shares a piece of themselves on their respective blogs and IG feeds. today I’m highlighting four of the 50 #Fierce50 sisters as a way to celebrate the amazing women in our community. I hope you love getting to know Lesley, Cheryl, Hilda & Cindy!


Fabulesly, IG: LesleyWolman

Words to live by:”Think higher, feel deeper”


Success and talent are no strangers to Lesley Woman. She’s had careers as a singer, actress, psychiatric nurse, Hebrew teacher, grammar tutor, summer counselor, waitress and salesperson. In order words, Leslie has been there and done that! Starting a fashion/lifestyle blog was not on her bucket list but after the suggestion of a close friend, and a year of research, she took the leap.

Why did you start your blog: I started my blog at the suggestion of a friend. I was 2 years away from becoming an empty nester and although I had a career as a professional singer, I was looking for another creative outlet. A friend suggested that I write a blog for women our age. She viewed me as the go-to person for information on style, recipes, health, and beauty. I heeded her advice and Fabulesley was born. Fabulesley  includes weekly recipe and style posts; once a month there is a round up of my Four Fab Finds which run the gamut from beauty products to health, fitness and arts and cultural finds.

What are you LOVING about being in your 50s: What I love about being in my 50’s is the ease in which I view life. The old adage,”don’t sweat the small stuff,” resonates loudly for me in my fifth decade. I have more confidence in who I am and what I want to accomplish with my life. My life goals are more about inner peace and health and less about comparing myself to others. I find the most happiness being with my family; the help I seek and the help I give is free flowing. This decade has allowed me to devote more time to philanthropy which is something that I enjoy immensely.


Northwest Mountain Living, IG: NorthwestMountainLiving

Words to live by: “A happy disposition can promote a happy healthy life”

Photo: Cheryl Tucker

Cheryl’s blog is a happy place. She acknowledges that she’ not trying to cure cancer or make social change, but she is passionate about promoting a healthy attitude toward women as they age. Her blog is a  space she’s carved out to share fun things that make her and hopefully all of us, smile, if only for a minute. Aren’t you smiling already?

Why did you start your blog: I started my blog as a creative outlet. I love art in all forms, especially fashion and blogging is a great way to share and learn more about style, past and present. Mostly it’s my “Happy Place” where I go to reflect on my interest in the art of fashion.

What do you LOVE about being in your 50s: I love being my age because I have a real sense of what is important to me. I am more appreciative of the simple things in life and I don’t sweat the small stuff. Gratitude is the foundation of my life.


Over The Hilda Blog, IG: OverTheHilda

Words to live by: “Do not regret growing older – it’s a privilege denied to many”

Photo: Hilda Smith

When you’ve spent 34 years teaching English to young people between 12 and 18, reared two daughters, and run a household (just to name a few things), there’s not too much time – or even incentive – to record life and what it throws at you; but thankfully Hilda Smith has chose to carve out time to do just that.  Hilda’s blog is designed to share with others her journey into the next middle age, by using her own experiences and those of her close friends and family.

Why did you start your blog: ‘Over The Hilda’ is the place to find my beauty finds, search for fashion for the ‘older woman’, foolproof recipes I’ve gleaned from my culinary-talented friends and tips on health and wellbeing and my favorite cause…debunking myths about growing older.

What do you LOVE about being in your 50s: Becoming a grandmother, my family and friends and my appreciation of life which has given me a positive outlook on life….generally!


Fashion Trends & Friends, IG: FashionTandF

Photo: Cindy Thomas Nassar

After college Cindy launched my career at a leading fashion costume jewelry company called Trifari Jewelry.  She spent her 20’s flying to New York 4 or 5 times a year getting paid to attend fashions shows and getting a wardrobe allowance to wear the color palette of the season and coordinate the jewelry with the trends.

After leaving Trifari and the fashion industry she never lost her passion for fashion! Together with her two college friends she created Fashion Trends and Friends. Today Cindy enjoys sharing her opinions and experience with friends, colleagues and followers of the FTF blog and on social media. Get to know


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