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3 Ways to Expand Your Confident Wardrobe Without Spending a Dime

By Carol

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If you’ve become bored or complacent with your current wardrobe it could mean that it’s time for a refresh. While your first thought may be to purchase a few new pieces, I recommend you start with what you already own. A confident wardrobe is based on intentionally curating items that support you and your vision. If you don’t have those pieces, a shopping trip may be in order. In the interim, I have three simple ways you can refresh your wardrobe to expand your clothing options and revitalize your attitude about what you already own. It may take a few hours to work through these suggestions, but in the end I think you’ll find it was worth it.

1.Arrange Your Closet By Color

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Instead of arranging your closet by season or like item, arrange your closet by a Five Core Color Scheme. The Five Color Scheme I like to use includes: Neutrals (black, gray, brown/tan, white ), Blues (includes denim), Greens, Brights (reds, pinks, yellows), Prints. Since most of us have more neutrals than any thing else, I like to use the top row of the closet to arrange them in color order. On the bottom row I range blues, greens, brights group together by color, and then prints that have multiple color.

Arranging your closet by this color scheme does three things: 1) makes it easier for you to find items in your closet; 2) makes your closet more pleasing to eye; and 3) will help you create versatile wardrobe pairings. Since all of your brights, blues, greens, and prints will pair with one or more of your neutrals, you’ll not only speed up the process of choosing an outfit you’ll be able to create outfits you haven’t previously considered.

This process works best once you know your best colors and power colors.

2. Remove What Doesn’t Fit or You Don’t Wear

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While you’re arranging your closet using my Five Core Color Scheme system, be sure to remove those items that don’t fit or you no longer wear. I’ve discussed how to go through process in previous posts on closet edits, creating a confident closet and revitalizing your closet so refer to one of those posts to learn how to determine what goes and what stays.

Understanding your body shape and structure ensures you choose pieces that will fit you and be most complimentary.

3. Create 5 Outfits, Take Pictures, Repeat

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Now that you’ve arranged your closet and know exactly what’s in there, you can plan your outfits out for the week. You can create monochromatic outfits for the week, choose a color theme for the week, play with prints, or wear pops of bright colors all week. Purchase an inexpensive clothing rack and colorful velvet hangers. Hang your weeks worth of outfits on the rack. At the end of the week before you return them back to your closet, change the color of the hanger. This way when you see the blue, ivory or pink hanger (whichever your choose), you’ll know this is something you like, have worn and want to keep in your wardrobe. Be sure to take pictures of your outfit each day so you have a record of it.

Your daily wardrobe selection should be based on your intention for the day and vision clarity on your brand and the message you’re trying to communication.


While it may be time for you to consider a full overhaul of your closet, if that’s not something you can do at this time consider using these three steps. You’ll gain valuable insight about yourself, what you like to wear, what colors you have or need more of in your closet, and how to extend the wearability of your wardrobe. When it’s time to add new pieces you won’t unnecessary purchases or feel like you’re starting from scratch.

If you need support in this process to build a confident wardrobe that supports your confidence, your goals, and your message then schedule a Confident Image Strategy Session TODAY and we’ll spend 30 minutes assessing where you are and what improvements are needed. This process is not for everyone, but if you’re a high-achieving entrepreneur or executive that’s looking to advance their business or career, then you’ll want to work with someone who can get you there!

Let’s connect!

Live, laugh, and confidently shine!

Carol 😉


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