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3 Smart Strategies to Effective Shopping

By Carol

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In a previous blog post I shared how shopping blindly can destroy your confidence. Next to fit, my clients tell their biggest challenge is knowing what to shop for. Since most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe, it’s clear their getting 80% of it wrong.  How are you fairing? When it comes to shopping, are you getting fair, good, great, or no results at all? That’s ok…you’re not alone.

Your mailbox and inbox are most likely littered with end-of-year sales, special “one day only” sales, free shipping offers, special VIP shopping days or extra points days, and multiple BOGO offers. With so many trying to lure you into their stores I wanted to share three key strategies you must employ for clicking the buy button or handing your credit card over. 

Stop and Think

1.Always start in your closet. Cruise your closet before rushing to the stores and inventory what’s there and what’s missing. Make a “needs” list and plan to check those items off first. This will provide you with the direction you need to avoid over-shopping or overspending.

2. Also, remember the acronym HALT. In other words, don’t go shopping when you’re hungry, angry, feeling lonely or tired. When you’re in one of these states you’ll finding it impossible to make decisions. If you’re feeling indecisive because you’re hungry or tired, ask the sales associate to hold your items for a few hours then go relax and get lunch. When you return to the dressing room, you’ll have fresh eyes and a clear mind.

3. Do you shop when you feel upset or impulsive? This is a dangerous time to go shopping with real money or credit cards. Recognize when you are in that mood to purchase just for the thrill of it or to let off steam. Instead, consider another way to vent your emotions or comfort yourself. Try another activity such as walking in nature, meeting up with a friend, or listening to music. Shop only when you feel calm and rested.

Full Speed Ahead

1.When it comes to investment shopping, know your best colors. If you know your best colors you’ll know what you’re purchasing will blend in beautifully with what you already own. When you shop for coats, blazers, or jewelry be sure they enhance or highlight your eye color, your skin tone, or your hair coloring. Chances are great that these items will stay in your wardrobe for years ahead, simply because they’re naturally flattering.

2. Shop your best when you look your best. Don’t even think about shopping for a wardrobe right after your spin class. It’s easier to imagine how the clothes you’re trying on will look in your real life when you look like you do in real life. Do your hair and makeup and then go shopping. It will make it much easier to see what really works well on you.

3. If you come across something that’s not on your list but you absolutely love it, give it a chance. I repeat…if you absolutely love it. However, you want to ask yourself if this item enhances your style, is within your budget, can you wear it three ways, and does brings something new to your wardrobe that’s been missing? If the answers are yes to ALL three, go for it.

Be Cautious

1. Sale items can be tempting but are not always a bargain. They can be more expensive than you realize when you take into account the complicated cleaning instructions, the other pieces you need to buy to make this “bargain” work, or the new makeup required to pull off the color of this purchase if it’s not a color you normally wear. Even high-end designers make mistakes. Don’t get sucked into buying it just because it’s a designer label or because it’s a bargain.

2. Be aware of the return policy of your favorite or even new stores. If you can only receive store credit within seven days, is that really going to work for you? Are all sales items final sales? Can you return if you remove the tags? If you don’t know the policies ask. You may want to shop at clothing stores that have generous return policies.

3. Styles change and so do you. With changes in your body, age, and lifestyle, it’s easy to make mistakes. It’s best to have somebody at your side who can be objective, informed, and looking out for your best interests. A professional image consultant, like myself, can be your best companion to get the most out of your shopping trip. I’m here for you!


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Live, laugh, and confidently shine!

Carol 😉

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