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3 Great Options for Wedding Guest Attire

By Carol

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Wedding Guest Attire

Ok, we all witnessed the the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle a few weeks and the haute couture worn by the guests was as exciting as the event itself.

While you may not be attending such a formal and elaborate affair, you still may be a bit nervous about what to wear. Regardless of the formality, you’ll want to be sure the outfit you plan fits into the dress code.  It can all feel a bit stressful even though that’s  not the purpose of this special event.

On AM Northwest I shared three looks to consider for some popular wedding locations you may be invited to this summer.

In this episode I focused on (1) the traditional wedding, (2) the destination beach wedding, and (3) the backyard informal wedding.

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If you’d like a few more great tips for wedding day attire, check out my piece How to Decipher Wedding Season Dress Codes in the Oregonian.

A few keys to consider:

  1. Check the invitation for the dress code to the event so you have time to prepare the right kind of outfit. 
  2. When you have your dress picked out, make sure you have the proper undergarments to go with it.
  3. A safe choice for any dress is a nude or metallic shoe. Whether heels or flats, these colors blend well with prints or solids and can be worn with many other outfits later.
  4. Consider carrying a small purse like a clutch, a small cross body bag or a petite shoulder bag
  5. Be sure to check the weather periodically so you know what to expect. 
  6. Pack a few essentials and a few snacks. 

Staring at the invitation wondering what to wear? Wedding guest attire doesn’t have to be especially stressful or complicated. Hopefully these tips will do the trick!

Live, laugh, confidently shine!

Carol 😉

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