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12 Closet Care Tips That will Refresh Your Wardrobe

By Carol

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This is the perfect time of year to tackle your closet now that Spring is here. I know it can be a rather daunting experience,  especially if you haven’t been in there (and I mean really in there) in a while. Cleaning out your closet can be challenging, but holding on to things that no longer suit you can be worse.  We hold on to things longer then we need to and it makes it harder to let it go. But now it’s time to embrace that Disney song so you can create a space you love and that will love you back.

Here are some guidelines to create an efficient and well-edited wardrobe. Pay special attention to Tip #12, that’s where I come in. 

A. Prepare

carol parker walsh closet care

1. Hold off redesigning your closet or buying a bunch of products to help you store your stuff. Editing is the most important first step. Once you’ve edited, you’ll have a better understanding of what you need to store and what organizing units you’ll need. Don’t get ahead of yourself.

2. Yes, many of us fluctuate in weight but draw the line when it comes to sizing. Remove any items that are more than one size up or down from what you are currently wearing. For example if you mostly wear a size 12, get rid of anything that is a size 8 or 16 or that’s way to small or way to big for you. Too much unworkable stuff in your closet is a distraction. You’ll wear more when there are fewer things in your closet. You’ll learn to trust that everything in there is ready to wear. Listen, you may have a goal to fit in something later but until you do, move it out of your closet. You can store it someplace but it does you no good to be reminded of the size you are NOT as opposed to the size you are now.

3. Go item-by-item and remove pieces that are worn out or damaged. Items to review include shoes, tops, pants, jackets, coats, and dresses. Next you can go through underwear, pajamas, jewelry and scarves.

B. Streamline

carol parker walsh closet care

4. Get rid of anything that was handed down to you or gifted to you that doesn’t fit you or suit your authentic style.

5. Give the remaining clothes the love test. Do you love it? Does it serve you? Do you feel AMAZING when you wear it. If something feels out of step with your style or your lifestyle, let it go. Only keep what has vitality to you. Remove everything else, bag it up, and take it to a favorite charity or a consignment store this week. Your closet it not a museum, it’s a living breathing thing so keep it fresh and exciting.

6. Stay motivated. If this is a huge project because you have numerous closets of clothes, pencil in appointments with yourself to tackle this an hour or two at a time over the next couple of weeks. The task isn’t daunting when broken into smaller units. Remember, Rome was built in a day and neither was your closet. Be patient with yourself and this process.

C. Organize

carol parker walsh closet

7. Put similar items together so they are easier to see and grab. If you have several pairs of jeans, stack them together on a shelf. You can organize by color from light to dark. Organize tops by color and/or sleeve length. Group pants together from casual to dressy. I personally organize by feng shui energetic energy because it helps dress with intention every day.

8. Create a section of your wardrobe for “go-to” outfits that you put together on the weekend. These can be the outfits you utilize during the week. It will cut out any wild morning scramble to figure out what to wear and help you start the day with calm.

9. Make your closet appealing so your getting dressed routine is more pleasurable. Frame pictures of your fashion icons (Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, Dorothy Dandridge, Michelle Obama, Iris Apfel, Vivienne Westwood, or the character of Carrie Bradshaw) and have them in your dressing area for inspiration.

D. Maintenance

carol parker walsh closet care

10. A clean closet is inviting. Does yours need a fresh coat of paint or better lighting? Is it in need of some deep cleaning? Give it a thorough cleanse and you’ll enjoy opening your closet doors every day.

11. Install a full-length mirror. Be sure it’s flattering so you’ll be moved to look in it daily and give yourself an opportunity to appreciate the outfit you put together. You’ll also be checking to be sure a hem isn’t falling or a stain isn’t showing up in an item you thought was perfect when you put it on. It’s best to catch these things at home and not at the office. Also be sure to take pictures of yourself in your favorite outfits and keep a record to refer to later when faced with that, “what do I wear today” question.

12. Invite a professional (such as yours truly) to help you with this process and get your wardrobe ready for the new season. Teamwork makes this less stressful and more fun. I can do this virtually as well. It’s nice to have objective expertise to ensure you keep the right things and get rid of what doesn’t work.


It doesn’t matter the size of your closet. The key is reduce your stress and time with getting ready each morning. In addition, when you have a closet filled with those things you love and that work for you on any occasion you’ll have a confident boost each and every day. Why let something like what you’re wearing keep you from achieving your goals and taking the world by storm.

I work with successful women on the precipice of change and want to show up more powerfully in their lives and careers with greater clarity, visibility and credibility. If that’s you…..then schedule an appointment for a FREE consult today!

Live, laugh, and confidently shine!


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